In Blood and Belonging, Ignatieff makes a thorough examination of why blood ties–inplaces as diverse as Yugoslavia, Kurdistan, Northern Ireland, Quebec. Ignatieff, well-known in British TV as the smooth host of cerebral talk shows and political documentaries, takes on what he calls the rising tide of. The author of the book travels on what he terms “the six journeys.” On these ” journeys” he encounters different cultures, as he travels to six different.

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Jan 01, Matt rated it really liked it. Michael rated it really liked it Feb 12, That fact given, the present book’s strength is that it follows a highly personal itinerary through places the author himself has either lived in or has a vested personal interest in. Refresh and try again. It’s a good reminder of his scholarly life before the sometimes miserable profession of politics. He asks how ethnic pride turned into ethnic cleansing, whether modern citizens can lay the ghosts of a warring ognatieff, why–and whether–a people need a state of their own, and why armed struggle might be justified.

He examines the unique expression of nationalism that each populace displays by interviewing various members of that particular society. With his sleekly groomed hair, permanent suntan, shiny silk suit, and black onyx ring on his finger, he resembled nothing so much, my father said, as a prosperous south German refrigerator salesman.

France is a representation of Europe according to the late Charles De Gaulle. There are delicious moments in these chapters. Known for his work as a historian, Ignatieff has held senior academic posts at the University of Cambridge, the University of Oxford, Harvard University and the University of Toronto. Added this to my favourites bookshelf These fashions proved fatal in the Balkans because national unification could be realized only by ripping apart the plural fabric of Balkan village life in the name of the violent dream of ethnic purity.


The diplomatic corps spent the summer there, in attendance upon the dictator who took up residence across the lake. Ignatieff addresses the violence factor that surrounds nationalism like a plague, concluding that, nationalist rhetoric is belongkng excuse to commit acts of violence.

Where does that leave the Bosnian Muslims, the Turks or any other non Christian state located near or inside Europe? He writes more for the sound ignxtieff these words, than for their meanings.

I think especially so in the current environment in North America of “Identity Politics”.

Buen libro sobre el nacionalismo y experiencias personales del autor. Its population is aroundThe dining room looked over the lake, and when the window was open you could feel the mountain igjatieff sweeping across the water, across the white linen tablecloth and then across your face.

The situations in the book are not isolated events.

Blood and Belonging: Journeys Into the New Nationalism

Aug 18, Dirk rated it really liked it. I picked it up because a.

And the interviews with individuals are nicely drawn: In his travels in Germany, the author points out an important question. If this historical fault line is emphasized often enough, the conflict between Serbs and Croats can be read off as inevitable. Daniel Otto rated it really liked it Aug 04, Sadiya Ahmed rated it liked it May 23, Schoolworkhelper Editorial Team https: The Islamic uprisings in France and the peace talks in southwest Asia between Israel and Syria are two different perspectives to the argument.

Sadly, this book was a great disappointment. This book is not a Grand Theory of Nationalism presented, but instead an account anr the rise of various strains of nationalism that caused an outbreak of violence in the early s.


Thanks for telling us about the problem.

Blood and Belonging: Journeys into the New Nationalism

I came away with the impression that this book consists of the poetic and philosophical musings of a journalist dilettante. He asks how ethnic pride turned into ethnic cleansing, whether modern citizens can lay the ghosts of a warring past, why–and whether–a people need a state of their own, and why armed struggle might be justified.

Ignatieff describes three definitions: Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. Ignatieff then goes on to stress the two kinds of nationalism that he encountered. It was not merely a truce.

Critique: Blood and Belonging, by Michael Ignatieff – SchoolWorkHelper

Selected pages Title Page. The main reason for the clash is the difference of religion, not national identity. Peoeples sharing micael same genes, sharing the same ancestors, feel close to each other. I thought it was a very interesting read, and gave me a lot to think about. But Islamist are coming as colonizers.

Are not the three million plus population of Muslims in France entitled to nationalistic expression of their identity as French Muslims?

Obviously, he was more imaginative and sinister than that. This religious factor will never cease and always cause instability in the region because of fundamentalism present on both sides. In retrospect, I see that was there at the most hopeful moment.