GMO Investigator Kit #EDU. Print. Gel electrophoresis classroom study kit, includes positive control, InstaGene matrix, master mix, primers, dye, test. The GMO Investigator real-time PCR starter kit is designed for teaching students the principles of PCR and its use in testing foods for the presence of genetic. Consumables refill kit for use with GMO Investigator Kit (EDU), contains PCR master mix, primers, positive control, PCR molecular weight ruler, Orange.

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Features and Benefits The kit allows a guided-inquiry approach. In order to improve this site and our service to you, we currently use the WebTrends On Demand product and other similar products to track site usage.

This product contains electrical or electronic material. It is used only to improve how the invesigator works. Why are Certificates of Analysis not on the Documents tab?

Bio-Rad GMO Investigator Kit – ppt video online download

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There are strips per package.

The On Demand product enables us to evaluate site traffic and navigation data so that we can, for instance, see which pages of our site are visited frequently and which are not. Your subscription information already exists, we will send investiggator an email with specific instructions to manage your existing subscription profile. In microbiology laboratories, real-time PCR can be used to detect and quantitate various microbial contaminants in environmental samples.


Bio-Rad GMO Investigator Kit

If you are an educator at the high school or college level, visit our Education Discount Policy page to establish an education account number. More Information Three-session laboratory activity, 45 min per session Provides sufficient materials for eight student workstations, up to four students per workstation. Reference Pray LA Mix well and pulse-spin.

Analyse the PCR fragments by agarose gel electrophoresis. To read more click here. Bringing you a world of innovation What is the education discount policy?

See the sample label below for the location of this information. This product contains electrical or electronic material.

Are GM crops a good thing? If you cannot find the Certificate of Analysis you are looking for, please Contact Us.

The lot number or control number one or the other, not both is printed on your lit label. Supplied in a package of eight, the racks are reusable. They are essential to enable you to move around this site and use its features, such as accessing secure areas of the site. To give you the very best experience, the cookie settings on Bio-Rad.


Please enter your email address. When using our online Certificate of Analysis search tool, keep the following in mind: In that case, you can contact your Bio-Rad representative or use the Request Form If you cannot find the Certificate of Analysis you are looking for, please Contact Us.

GMO Investigator Kit – Bio-Rad

When instructed, place PCR tubes in thermal cycler. My Bio-Rad Contact Us. These cookies collect anonymous information on the pages visited. For more than 15 years, Bio-Rad has made science education a major priority. Please select ivestigator country below to view the products, information, and services available in your location, including news, promotions, events, and more.

Overview Purchasing Guide Table. I cannot find the Certificate of Analysis I am looking for. In invetigator situations, the Certificate of Analysis is available for download, but other product details, such as the product name, are not.

What is the education discount policy? Using genomic DNA as the template for amplification, real-time PCR can be used in infectious disease diagnostics to rapidly determine levels of specific pathogens in various tissues.