Nothing in Jean-Ovide Decroly’s early life would have led to a forecast of a career cities, Decroly discovered the human, social and educational abandonment. Ovide Decroly () is een belangrijke Belgische onderwijshervormer die wereldwijd wordt geroemd om zijn opvoedkundige ideeën. Ovide Decroly. LC. Laia Cunill. Updated 27 March Transcript. OVIDE DECROLY. BIOGRAFIA. CENTRES D’INTERÈS. ANTECEDENTS. – Rousseau.

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In the formulation of the method, his reasoning and his approach were both scientific and pragmatic. The evolution of interest with development, extensively studied by psychologists, is therefore central to an effective means of education, with the different areas decrolt subject matter connected to each other as well as to the child’s experiences, thus forming an ensemble, an organic whole.

As a result the society becomes a synthesis, and biorafia animal no longer the same as when alone, lives and behaves as a function of the group.

Allowing the child freedom means helping children to discover their world; it means helping them to discover for themselves what they can and like to do; it means helping them prepare the vocation of their future; it means letting them use their imagination; it means letting them be constructive and creative; it means letting them build something good from their own inventions.

You can help Wikipedia by expanding it. Members of the group work in collaboration towards the common goal which is the welfare of the individuals in the group.

Nowadays the “Ecole Decroly” based in Uccle, Brussels, a school reaching from kindergarten to baccalaureate is following his pedagogical approach.


The four centers of interest are 1. The maturation of the child is not perceived as a rare and solitary creation, but a natural process.

It is here that the Decroly principles reach their highest moral and social significance. Trained as a medical doctor, Decroly remained a biologist, applying his medical training throughout his career in the study of child development and pedagogy.

The resulting interdependence betweeen the organism and its environment forms the basis of the decrolyen principles of education.

The biological foundations of the system of Dr. In curriculum planningthe formulation of a general aim is bound to lead to failure. It is also the path to experiencing one’s specieshood, one’s commoness with all other members of the human species.

Decroly recognized the inherent risks of the practical applications of his principles. First fomulate a philosophical position as a basis for formulating a position of education and pedagogy.

Ovide Decroly – Wikipedia

The guiding principles of the the Decroly school in Brussels, are based on the recognition and respect for intrinsic human needs.

Excluding older children and adults, young children form groups, which represent little worlds of activity, illusions, dreams etc.

Yet allowing the growing child complete ‘freedom’ meaning ‘responsible freedom’ can and does encourage children to express their favorable tendencies, to be civil, polite, considerate, sincere, loyal, tolerant, kind, generous, self-disciplined, thoughtful, cooperative, hygienic, careful, industrious and so on.

In designing a curriculum and an educational environment it is important to bear in mind that “a child is not what you want him to be but what he himself can be.

Ovidd of scientific pedagogy were founded; l in Antwerp l in Liepzig; l9l2 in Geneva are some examples They were connected with universities. Decroly’s educational theory stems from three the integration of three sciences: For the child in any democratic society, the aim of education is effective learning, which implies both the acquisiton of knowledege and the ability to think.


He did not feel superior to the point of denying reality. Not only is the school a microcosm of the society, but it is an open social environment incorporated in the larger social environment into which chilren are born.

Holistic Curriculum of Dr. This Belgian biographical article is a stub. There is no conflict between the individual and society, no more than there is between an individual and his environment. Characteristically humane, his pedagogy is based on universal human needs and is applicable in any human society.

Ovide Decroly – psychopedagoog

Students of Decroly can adhere to either camp but in any even are of the conviction that in studying the past one is working for the future.

Philosophy should focus on the moral and political problems of mankind. The richer the psychological faculties of the individuals, the higher the level of social conscience. Decroly method as reasonable innovation The Decroly method is reasonable because it is based on biological principles of biology and psychology.

Auguste Compte associated with the beginnings of the “positivist” movement, born in Montpelier in l