Brother of the also medical prestige Manuel Patarroyo, since his student days, Patarroyo was concerned about deepening in the fields of Immunology and. Manuel Elkin Patarroyo (born November 3, ) is a Colombian pathologist who developed the world’s first synthetic vaccine for malaria. Manuel Elkin Patarroyo Murillo (Ataco, Tolima, Colombia, -) has created the first synthetic vaccine in the world which has been accepted by the World.

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Scientists with Vision: Dr. Manuel Elkin Patarroyo

Malaria is a tropical disease which causes the death of between three and five million people every year, giving rise to between and clinical cases world- wide. Planes Evolution by Pau Carles Vega.

Scientist and Colombian immunologist, born on November 3, in Ataco Tolima. It is legitimate for developed countries to work on the main pathology or health problems which affect their own populations.

The mention of specific companies or products of manufacturers does not imply that they are endorsed or elkij by WIPO in preference to others of a similar nature that are not mentioned. When I studied in New York at the Rockefeller University, I observed an enormous imbalance from the point of view of scientific research.


You can obtain further information, or learn how manufl change the settings, in our cookies policy. National University of Colombia MD. He has supplemented his research work with numerous scientific publications, appeared in prestigious national and foreign journals.

One of the fundamental elements of my elkln activity is to visit schools and to receive children at the Institute in order to speak to them about science. Science must be given social importance. But this is not only a matter of government policies. Malaria Facts The Anopheles funestus mosquito, one of the two most important malaria vectors in Africa. As a result of the debts accumulated by the Immunology Institute and the hospital, absolutely everything was lost: But people biografiz talk about problems, and we should not forget the benefits, for example, the advantages which make it possible to set up an institute of this msnuel in Colombia.


Geschichte der Berliner Mauer – The vaccine candidate, first developed in in Colombia, was evaluated in clinical trials carried out by the WHO in GambiaTanzania and Thailandand had mixed results.

See more Art and Culture timelines. He was a professor at the national university of Colombia. Pasteur became my idol — and he still is my idol. Thanks to this, there have been many results that have given me great satisfaction. He points out that it took his Bogota laboratory four years to develop the world’s first safe and effective malaria vaccine, but six years to have it recognized.

Rather than profit from his discovery, Patarroyo turned the patent for his vaccine over to the World Health Organization WHO for free, because he felt that the benefits should go to mankind, not to large pharmaceutical houses or rich investors. It is a search for a biograifa formula, which would biogratia so much time in research, so much money, so many lives. In other projects Wikimedia Commons.

Doctor Patarroyo has also been, over the last twenty years, an outstanding researcher into other diseases and has studied the possibilities of creating other synthetic vaccines something the world of science had not expected to achieve until the year I was fascinated by this man who dedicated his whole life to preventing diseases.

Patarroyo could not deter the demise of this very important Colombian teaching hospital.


LIFE OF MANUEL ELKIN PATARROYO timeline | Timetoast timelines

Patarroyo insisted that the vaccine be produced in Columbia, in order to keep the price low. Retrieved from ” https: He reached an agreement to conduct part of his research at the public University of Navarra. Frank Collins, University of Notre Dame. Visit Us Contact Us. There are infectious diseases from which a human being can suffer, for which we have only 12 vaccines.

Forthe alleged illegal trade in this animal species is under investigation by the Colombian government against the FIDIC. This name uses Spanish naming customs: He transferred its patent to that organisation. The great depression between and But the diseases in developing countries had been neglected. I endeavor to convince governments and institutions of the importance of creating centers in situ, in each country, in order to increase the possibilities for talented people majuel develop their potential, and to produce solutions in those places where problems are endemic.

They considered that the best thing a person could do was to make himself useful to others; and that the most fascinating thing in life was knowledge.

The difference lies in the possibilities which such talented people have. Coming myself from a developing country, I decided to ellkin myself to developing vaccines primarily for those problems which basically afflict the peoples of developing countries, such as malaria, tuberculosis, hepatitis, leishmaniasis, cervical cancer, which is an enormous problem, and many other infectious diseases.

Princess of Asturias Awards Laureates.

I tell them to dream. No vaccine has ever protected that many people.