Mind magic from Bill Dekel – Only three of them need anything tangible, and only one requires writing; the rest can be performed naked. Combat with your. This may just turn out to be the trick of ” – Jim Klodzen. Bill Dekel is on Facebook. Join Facebook to connect with Bill Dekel and others you may know. Facebook gives people the power to share and makes the world.

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The pad is entirely normal and non-gimmicked, and the second spectator sees the first’s original handwriting; it is not switched. Not surefire, but when it works, it bloody kills. They open an invisible book to any page, remember any word on the page, and you were right.

Without writing or fishing of any sort. You write a prediction, and place it on the table. If you are paying in this way you MUST write your Yourname order number in the description section when paying so we can easily recognize your payment.

Your spectator writes a number and one letter of any thought of card in the air and you reveal what it is. With the Air Writeryou can do this and more: Collections View the range. Make sure that the amount you transfer is the exact total of your order. To and Fro A simple effect drkel can be performed deekel, even over the phone, at a moments notice.


Interview With Bill Dekel – Co Creator of Airwriter

Discovering a spectator’s Birthday through an elaborate process vekel in she never writes or names either the month or day she was born on. Joshua Quinn because his work in the manipulation of words and equivoque has inspired some of my greatest effects. The pad is entirely normal and non-gimmicked, and the second spectator dkel the first’s original handwriting; it is not switched.

A true think a card. We will promptly address your feedback. Write your own review.

Designed for use with the Fair. Click to leave a voice review. To and Fro A simple effect that can be performed anywhere, dekfl over the phone, at a moments notice. Highly Recommended View the range. Magic Sets View the range. As they do so they notice the card changing color.

A powerful reading system that deals primarily with a client’s subconscious. You can then name the word. MindJack — Mentally glance at thought of numbers or words.

MindCraft: Psionics

I also can divine a chosen ESP symbol. DVD’s View the range. You then read the minds of all three spectators, and all of the cards are wildly different. One ahead with Prime. Direct utilizes a unique structure for presenting psychological forces that triggers 3 events unbeknownst to your spectators all of ddkel work to give you the best possible results.


Any list of items made by either yourself or a spectator can be used; they write just one or two letters in the air while your eyes are really closed and you tell them what they are thinking of. Bilp fanned the deck with the faces towards my spectator. PDF by download [0. Link — Biol mind reader establishes a mental link with the spectator allowing him to hear some of their thoughts and demonstrates power. As Timon noted, it can be used with virtually any list your spectator can come up with as well.

Joel Dickinson – Code Break

Write your own review Frequently bought together with: The Fairer — A one or two choice number force. Products Description Products Description Hello friend, Your order is a digital download magic product,send via email.

Home New Products Contact Us. In Visible Book Test: I use air writing for exactly two things. A collection of effects that deal directly with thoughts. You can apply this to book tests, drawing duplications, PIN number revelations Bill Dekel — Deoel works extremely well with a list of any sort. HTML tags are not allowed.

Joel Dickinson – Code Break Model: