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I read every single comment.

Bikes & Frames

Nashbar should maybe just do mail order. Today, there appears to be one even in West Virginia. This is critical in the north.

Long term advantages are often better this way. Bike shops don’t make any money on bikes at all. Do a mental addition of all the msrp’s catalkg see on the bikes on the floor, and you get a good idea how much money is tied up in inventory that moves slowly.

I’m not sure how they do this, but I keep wondering whether they actually have stock that they ship or whether they have manufacturers ship directly to the customer. Sign In or Register to access your lists. I’m a 20 something engineer with a dangerous capacity to scrutinize a blend of topics fairly analytically, albeit with some humor.

They get people into bicycling and bashbar racing as well. His son took his own decisions at a young age, and almost came to a brilliant decision to shut down the software end of the business, something that a lot of their customers were upset about.


S Postal Cycling Team as a sponsorwhich inturn ended up giving Postal a 1. The bike had to be looked over by the head mechanic, so we left it there.

Bike Nashbar | Bicycle Parts Catalog

Garnet Hill women’s clothing catalog will infuse your wardrobe with casual comfort and simple elegance. A “Leap Year Blowout” in my email.

You’re right about tying up money in capital. Many of the parts are purchased at a cost that is for a mfg entity. That being said, sometimes I do buy stuff from them online because occasionally they have better catzlog than our distributors.

With razor thin margins, the bike you’re getting costs almost as much as they paid. Getting into the bike shop business is very well captured in this boke which I really liked!

Performance is really huge. Nashbar buyers are often the serious bicyclists – racers, touring, and MTBers who could easily spend an average of dollars per order. Recently, a woman at Bike Nashbar denied they were ever named Bike Warehouse. To get around the exclusive dealer agreements of makers of more expensive bikes, the company deals directly with manufacturers in Taiwan and Japan – the same plants making many exclusive bikes – to produce its own line. Wouldn’t the former have attracted more business?

Northcastle Partners is the current big investor in Performance. They hire 16 year old kids to work in their service department, and it shows. Electrically power assisted cycles BS EN Selling bikes is just a way for shops to sell accessories for the bikes.


This item has been successfully added to your list. He picked it up a few days later, and on the first ride, the seat slipped down. I look forward to going to my LBS today.

They became his customers.

Parts – Bike Nashbar

On in particular is Outsider Mag. Quite a few of us believe that Nashbar and Performance are two two separate entities. Think about that next time you’re in your favorite bike shop.

A bike is a big investment for the shop, and a huge financial risk. Nashbar 29″ Mountain Bike. Pollinations By Email Your email address: Sometimes I wonder how some companies stay in business.

All retail works this way. Wish list created successfully.

Road Bikes

The bike shop knows you and substact some digits off your purchases. I think Bikesnobnyc sums the whole deal up succinctly: As long as you become a better cyclist, I guess it doesn’t matter how bke you spend or where you spend it. No bike shops probably means lesser or no racing teams!