Tamas by Bhisham Sahni is a novel about the riots in Pakistan preceding the Partition of India. Based on Sahni’s first-hand experience, Tamas (Hindi for. Tamas By Bhisham Sahni Online. Book Details: Language: English Published Original Language Unknown, Edition: 1, Isbn: , Tamas [Bhisham Sahni] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Tamas is a book by Bhisham Sahni that depicts the communal violence that took .

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You’ve only to take up something and the women will immediately flock round you. He knew these lanes well. The Communist party members try to best to bring the situation under control but peace stands no chance when communities fail to trust each other. The book tells the stories of Hindus, Muslim and Sikhs both good and bad and British. This is followed by the ruthless massacre of hundreds of Hindus and Sikhs by the infuriated Muslims.

If I bend, tamzs back starts aching. The narrative is largely unbiased, and brings out the human imperfections which surface out during these times to change the course of liv After watching Shyam Benegal’s TV series on the novel; I was quite eager to read the novel by Bhisham Sahani and it is easily one of the finest literary works.

One fell near the trough and the other near the General.


On the table lay half-open books and piles of magazines and a lamp with a large shade, shedding light over the table, leaving the rest of the hail in darkness. Mahmood Saheb, you’re forgetting.

I know that my blabber makes no sense and does no justice to the terrific writing of Mr. The fair lasts for fifteen days. Running past Sher Khan tamws stopped abruptly before a group of people belonging to the mohalla and started talking to them in whispers.


They showed light to others but themselves moved in the dark. The lamp flickered, casting sajni shadows in the room.

Bhisham Sahni – Wikipedia

I want you to take an interest in some social activity or the other. Seeing them, he quickened his pace. He has a small beard. There are ways and ways of doing things.

It belongs to me, it’s my property. They drank their coffee in silence. And a few others.

He could slide from one type of work into another with great ease. It depicts how communal violence was generated by fundamentalists and extremists in both communities, and how innocent persons were duped into serving die ulterior purposes of fundamentalists and communalists of both sides; how an innocent boy is seduced to violence resulting in his attacking both communities; how extremist elements in both communities infuse tension and hatred for their own ends at the cost of inter-communal hannony, how realization ultimately dawns as to the futility of it all, and finally how inherent goodness in human nature triumphs and both communities leam to live in amity.

The quality of a member of the Indian Civil Service lay in his shrewdness and penetrating insight in assessing a particular situation and alertness in.

Only the Provincial Committee has the right to do so at the recommendation of the District Committee. I am so keen to leam, Richard.

Bhisham Sahni

The Hyderabad office of Doordarshan was attacked. A large carved stone edict rested against a wooden stand in front of the fireplace, three moor ha cane stools and a low table lying alongside it. Taking aim, Nathu hurled the slab at the animal. Feb 21, Pranay Sharma rated it it was amazing. Teja Singh and the council members watch from the terrace of the gurudwara as Nathu and the granthi are approached by the Muslim mob, surrounded and attacked.

Nathu was breathing hard, his chest heaving like a bellows. Tamas along with Khushwant Singh’s Train to Pakistan are excellent accounts of those turbulent times.

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They only know what we tell them. Even otherwise, it was a practice with the dispersing audience to huddle together in small bunches and exchange views. The people spilled through the seven doors of the hall, searching for their shoes on the verandah. Bhisham Sahni had gained such an unmatched popularity that all kinds of readers awaited his new creations and each and every word of his was read.

The religious divide which comes in picture at the drop of a hat between the three sects Hindus, Muslims and Sikhs time and again, earlier at one point of time they lived like bhiham otherwise. People standing around him started laughing. A petition was moved in the Bombay High Court praying for the discontinuance of the telecast on the plea, among others, that A whiff of stench assailed his nostrils.

You are totally going to love it. It is difficult to write a review of a book like this. Just look at the steps of the mosque.

Bhishamji sahnl the turbulence of the period as an adult. He wore a loosely bound khaki turban on his head. Still facing Nathu, the pig stalked forward. Oh, how he missed her! You come across many pigs running about in the vicinity of the piggery, on the other side of the cemetery. Sahni does weave together the touching, horrifying stories of various people—Hindu, Muslim, Sikh, even a British Deputy Commissioner and his bored, alcoholic wife—but more than that, he makes this a story of more than just violence and carnage.

It dismayed him, but he quickly took hold of himself.