नीतिशतकम् (संस्कृत एवं हिन्दी अनुवाद) – The Niti Shatakam of Bhartrahari. Pages from the Language: Sanskrit Text with Hindi Translation. Size. Bhartṛhari is a Sanskrit writer to whom are normally ascribed two influential Sanskrit texts: scholarship. The name Bhartrihari is also sometimes associated with Bhartrihari traya Shataka, the legendary king of Ujjaini in the 1st century. Atha Nitishatakam – Sanskrit Shlokas + English Translation on Human Behaviour. by Bhartrihari. Book Description. Rupa CONDITION: NEW — BINDING.

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When I knew but a little, I was blinded by pride, as an elephant is blinded by passion: Abhijana means, in this passage, ” caste,” or, according to Telang, “nobility of birth,” as in Sabuntald: Please read our Privacy Policy for details. Courtesy is the ornament of a noble man, gentle- ness of speech that of a hero ; calmness the ornament of knowledge, reverence that of sacred learning; liberality towards worthy objects is the ornament of wealth, free- dom from wrath that of the ascetic; clemency is the ornament of princes, freedom from corruption that of jus- tice.

Thou mayest have bestowed thy riches on thy sans,rit The man whose desires are unlimited is poor indeed ; who that is satisfied with what he has can be either rich or poor?

The theory already nitishatakak to, that Bhartrihari was a prince who quitted the world in disgust, is founded upon the somewhat vague allusions in the second Bartrihari of the Niti Sataka. This stanza is the one in which the author shows the highest knowledge of the world.

Bhartrihari, in the Vakyapadiya, notices the fact that the Mahabhashya had gone niitishatakam changes and rearrange- ments of text ; possibly interpolations and additions. After the creation of the world, it is supposed to remain unaltered for one of Brahma’s days, a period of 2,, years nitishagakam men.

Thus are vows kept in the family of a good man.

For a collateral notion, cf. With the life of the Hindu ascetic we may compare the instances given of Elijah in the Old Testament, and of St.


Love destroys even that which is already dead. On it Prajapati, becoming wind, moved.

Atha Nitishatakam – Sanskrit Shlokas + English Translation on Human Behaviour

Vide Niti feataka, Miscellaneous, sloka 4. Do not seek pleasure in the enjoyment which comes from flattery, dress, or feasting ; for the only delight which is supreme is everlasting, and continually grows. This is the life of one who has attained to the fourth order in the Brahman caste, and is called a Sannydsin, or a Tail. Wondrous Whispers of Wisdom from Ancient India: The poetical rasas are ten: His argument for this was based on language acquisitione. I have been very pleased with all the items.

A man may get oil from sand by violent pressure: Those who are full of curses may curse; we are righteous, and, because we are devoid of evil, we cannot pour forth abusive words.

Bhartrihari Nitishatakam (Book, ) []

Setting Forth of Kdla. This sloka gives the rule by which an ascetic should live.

This sloka is identical with Niti tfatalca, sloka There are two uses both for a garland of flowers and also for a wise man they may be exalted on the head or wither in the forest. What kind of a part will you play in time when your hair is grey with age?

Then Indra, filled with wrath, cut off the wings of the mountains with his thunderbolt. What can we do? They are probably the nearest representatives of the original Aryan stories from which sprang the folk-lore of Europe as well as India. The many pleasures of which this world is made up are all transitory ; why then, men! The earth is his delightful couch, the arms of the creepers are his pillow, the heaven is his canopy, the winds his fan, the moon is his twinkling lamp. The Description of Evil Servitude.

The man who has no sense of literature and music is like a beast, though he has not horns and a tail: Be calm, my heart! We have not studied knowledge while upon the earth knowledge which tames the hosts of disputants and is suitable for a well-trained man: Mount Meru is the Hindi!


Direct your thoughts to the Supreme Being ; for you must cross the sea of nitoshatakam with all its fears and alarms. The mighty lion, which eats the flesh of boars and elephants, enjoys love but once in a year ; the dove, pick- ing up only pieces of hard rock, is a lover every day. These wicked, contemptible men might give or they might not: Ram Narain Lal, The eyes of a woman will softly enter a man’s heart and nitiishatakam it with infatuation, with intoxication, with deception, with menaces, with delights.

Its primary object is to translate, but it does not assume to be more than tentative, and it offers both to the professed Assyriologist and to the ordinary nou-Assyriological Semitic scholar the means of controlling its results. I ordered a book for my mother and it came within a few days from India to NYC!!

Bhartrihari Nitishatakam

Niishatakam mighty earth, trodden by the feet of one hero, is lightened up with his exceeding great glory as though by the shining of the sun. The queen in turn gifted it to her beloved Mahipala, who gave it to one of the ladies-in-waiting. Each and every book arrived in perfect shape–thanks to the extreme care you all took in double-boxing them and using very strong boxes. It is, moreover, the only attempt that has nitishatalam been made to show how the Indian people have been built up, and the evidence from the original materials has been for the first time sifted and examined by the light of the local research in which the author was for so long engaged.

Both the grammar and the poetic works had an enormous influence in their respective fields. Is not bhartrihair palace delightful to dwell in?