Ebook D13 Volvo Workshop Manual currently available at for Ebook Pdf D13 Volvo Workshop Manual contains important information and a. FAZ-D13/2-RT. Catalog No. Eaton Catalog No. Finger and back-of- hand proof to BGV A2. Tightening torque of fixing screws. N/m. Finger and back−of−hand proof to BGV A2. Mounting width per pole mm 17,5. Mounting. IEC/EN top−hat rail. Protection type. IP20, IP40 (when fitted).

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The precipitate is then washed, filtered, dried bgvv reprocessed. Do not clean damp. It must be assured that the workplace limit values are being maintained. Water Dry extinguishing powder Foam Carbon dioxide. Heating causes a rise in pressure, risk of bursting and explosion.

Substance information in Wikipedia. Containers have to be labelled clearly and permanently. The use of resistant protective gloves is recommended.


Particle filter P1, colour code white. Catches fire spontaneously if exposed to air. Fire fighting equipment must be available. Consider the maximum period for wear.


Aluminium powder (pyrophoric)

Earth all parts which can be electrically charged. Only if a spontaneous heating can be ruled out may the vessel be removed from the observation point. Do not use any tools that cause sparks. In an emergency e.

Absolutely no welding in the working area. Containers should be designed so that hydrogen gas or heat ensuing from aluminium dusts can escape. Collect in container for recyclable metal residues. Sufficient eye protection should be worn. d31

The substance should not be stored with substances with which ha-zardous chemical reactions are possible. At present time the occupational health information for this substance is only available in german. Work done with fire or open flame should only be carried out with written d1 if the risk of fire or explosion cannot be completely eliminated.

Only employees especially assigned and instructed by the employer should be entrusted with the incineration of aluminium powder wastes. Identification Characterisation Formula Physical and chemical properties Occupational health and first aid Safe handling Regulations Links Literature register.

Nevertheless no liability irrespective of legal basis can be accepted. Only employees are permitted to enter the work areas. However no liability can be assumed for the data content, whatever the legal cause may be. An escape and rescue plan must be prepared when the location, scale, and use of the work-site so demand.


Protective clothing and footwear must be adequately conductive or dissipative.

Bgv c23 pdf

Herstellen und Bearbeiten von Aluminiumpulver; Ausgabe 1. Under certain conditions the collocated storage with the following sub-stances is permitted For more details see TRGS Store contents under inert gas. Only work with vessels and lines after these have been thoroughly rinsed. Wear a dust mask. This data is recommended by scientific experience and is not established law.

Observe f13 smoking prohibition!

No open flame; fire, open ignition sources and smoking prohibited. General threshold limit value for dust – inhalable fraction.