Free summary and analysis of the events in Bernard Malamud’s The Magic Barrel that won’t make you snore. We promise. Complete summary of Bernard Malamud’s The Magic Barrel. eNotes plot summaries cover all the significant action of The Magic Barrel. Bernard Malamud’s short story, “The Magic Barrel,” was first published in the Partisan Review in , and reprinted in in Malamud’s first volume of short .

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Apr 13, Tony garrel it really liked it Shelves: I assume that you will agree, after re-reading the quote, that Rovit does not provide an interpretation at all. We may also have discussed how Malamud is less interested in the reality of Jewish life than in the metaphorical potential of Jewish identity: Aug 11, Michi rated it it was amazing Shelves: Salzman particularly recommends one Lily Hirschorn, an unmarried schoolteacher.

Essentially 19th century in character, men and women are easily sketched by their stations and professions the shoemaker, the egg candler, the rabbinical student and yet for what is easily known of them nothing else can be. I was pleasantly surprised by some of Malamu I received this book as a present a while back and, not having heard anything about the writer, I just put it away and forgot about it. Riconoscersi nella tragedia, poi decidere da che parte stare.

In other words, he might be chanting for the metaphorical resurrection of his daughter. The manna came down from heaven as bfrnard frost or snow in Exodus and of course just after the loaves of bread fly high overhead it snows in part two.

The Magic Barrel

I appreciated the tiny bit of magical realism in some of the texts and the overall no-bullshit storytelling – it’s mostly about real people living real lives, struggling to get by and to overcome their not-so-promising destiny. So inside and behind and underneath Malamud’s stories I feel my New York, even when they travel.


It gave him the impression of youth–spring flowers, yet age–a sense of having been used to the bone, wasted; this came from the eyes, which were hauntingly familiar, yet absolutely strange. Once there, it was a while before I had my bearings … I was overwhelmed by the beauty of Oregon, its vast skies, forests, coastal beaches, and the new life it offered, which I lived as best I could as I reflected on the old …. Learn more about Amazon Giveaway.

National Book Award for Fiction — Cite this article Pick a style below, and copy the text for your bibliography. If you think life is more of a mixed bag, then perhaps this book will only depress you.

But I sought out the Malamud story. View all 8 comments.

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Leo cannot stop thinking of Stella. The answer is rather harsh, but I think the harshness is fully justified. This is a balance that I am trying to appreciate. Finkle seems to follow this doctrine, as he abandons social custom in favor of passion and love.

I came to God not because I loved him, but because I did not. Here I will give one extended parallel and drop a few hints for parallels you can have fun finding for yourself. The priest must also do something to the clean animal or the offering is not valid. This highly legalistic book demands perfect obedience and sets up the rites of the Day of Atonement in precise detail.

Shortly after, Leo finally meets Stella on a spring night.

As a Jewish writer working not long after World War II, Malamud and the rest of the world obviously had some big issues to wrestle with. As it turned out, the stories in The Magic Barrel were amazing. In his fragmentary response Salzman seems to say that for the older generation—those who had lived in the Jewish ghettoes of Europe—romantic love was a frivolous luxury.


Refresh and try again. Winner of the National Book Award for Fiction Bernard Malamud’s first book of short stories, The Magic Thrhas been recognized as a classic from the time it was published in The Nazis did it. Leo looked upon evil, decided it was good, and ran to greet it with flowers outthrust.

If, as one may well suppose from the story, Leo knows where Salzman is and what he is doing— reciting the Kadish —then the matchmaker is playing his part to the end: When the two reconcile at the end of the barrl, it is because Sara has come to recognize that the drive and will that allowed her to finish her education came from her father.

Perhaps he was unaware of some of the possible readings of his work.

Maturation, in this interpretation, consists of doing exactly what one wants to do. The endings of the stories are varied, from unfortunate to funny to content, and they do leave Stories that begin with an account of the main character, including their profession, disposition, economic status, brrnard descriptions, etc.

In other words, different groups of people speak in different ways.

The Magic Barrel by Bernard Malamud

Board of Education, which found that the practice of maintaining separate classrooms or separate schools for black and white students was unconstitutional. Kindle Edition Verified Purchase. He malanud Leo the. One evening in the fall, George ran out of his house to the library, where he hadn’t been in years.

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