Dendanske indsats iAfghanistan. København: Udenrigsministeriet og Unterrichtung durch den Wehrbeauftragten. Jahresbericht ( Bericht ). Wehrbeauftragter. ‘Unterrichtung durch den Wehrbeauftragten: Jahresbericht ‘. 17/ Berlin: Deutscher Bundestag. Bericht). Unterrichtung durch den Wehrbeauftragten 17/, 25 January , Jahresbericht ( Bericht). Antrag 17/, 18 March , Deutschland.

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Blockade im Kongress Trump verliert die Geduld und droht: Against this background, it was decided in that the target manpower of the reformed Bundeswehr would besoldiers, of whichwould be professionals Berufs- und Zeitsoldaten and 55, would be conscripts and reservists.

They do in 210 determine the structure of the Bundeswehr. Heil will Hartz-IV-Reform durchsetzen The Reform of the German Armed Forces. Germany and the Use of Force.

Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, February 9, Bestraft unsere Regierung Saudi-Arabien mit Recht? Zuerst wollte ich Hubschrauberpilot werden. The idea that by the country will spend two per cent berichh its GDP on defence which would amount to about 70 billion euros is hardly palatable to the German left nor to a substantial section of the general public. Wehrpflicht und Miliz — Ende einer Epoche?

In addition, given that Germany has the fourth largest armed bwricht in the EU and the sixth largest in NATO, the readiness for action of these international institutions naturally relies to a significant extent on the quality of the German military.

Meine Dienstzeit endetwenn ich kein Berufssoldat werde. Ist er nicht vrpflichtet, die Interessen Deutschlands zu vertreten? Ich wohne in NRW in Duisburg. It is a well-known fact that the level of German defence expenditure grants some legitimacy to arguments that the country is a free-rider in NATO.


The current Bundeswehr, which is the child of the past military reforms, suffers fundamental shortages in its armaments, which were not at all remedied by the most recent reform. Er ist fast Seiten stark.

Jahresbericht zur Bundeswehr: Mangel und Missstand an allen Fronten |

Recasting the Security Bargains: Under this conception, the numbers of heavy weapons systems would be reduced and the worst military weaknesses of the German military addressed, in areas such as strategic transport, logistical support, the ability of units to survive in a modern theatre of war, precision guided munitions, communication and command systems and reconnaissance systems.

German political and military leadership was not able to prepare a military reform that would successfully anticipate the future needs of the German security policy.

During the Cold War, the Bundeswehr essentially had a single task: Ich bin MWSt-befreit Branche. It has, however, became more intense due to the American pressure. According to the White Paper, having completed tasks arising from the reunification of Germany, the armed forces would be gradually reoriented towards new tasks.

Wehrbericht: Hunderte deutsche Soldaten leiden an Kriegstraumata

The mind-set of the German society, or that of its political and military leaders, dse not currently ready for that. Available sources imply that the plans of the Bundeswehr reform for the upcoming one and a half decades anticipate the return to the defence of territory and allies as the main task of the German armed forces, yet without reducing the German role in foreign deployment.


Both types of operations therefore require basically the same military capabilities. Wir bewegen auch etwas in Afghanistan. Nebylo tomu tak ale po celou dobu transformace.

Still a Civilian Power? For the immediate future, the economic giant will remain a military dwarf. Therefore, the German Ministry of Defence assumes that by the number of soldiers on fixed-term contracts Zeitsoldaten and professional soldiers will increase by 12, to abouttroops.

The schedule for this should be ready by mid By and large, the Bundeswehr is in an unsatisfactory state as far as the needs of the German security policy are concerned, even though the targets of the past reforms were largely met.

In July Germany abandoned conscription. If Germany really were to spend two per cent of its GDP which, measuring according to the Cold War standards, is not very much on defence and if these means were expended in a rational fashion, Germany would become – thanks to its enormous economic power – a military power of the first order within a decade.

That was only possible by shrinking the armed forces smaller headcount, less technical equipment and fewer bases by removing capacities that were deemed less important after the end of the Cold War and by limiting investment into equipment and military infrastructure. Staaten kennen keine Wertberichtigung. Landesverteidigung ist nicht mehr Hauptaufgabe. Aktuality Akce Diskuze Mapa webu.