Session 1. Lured by a bounty offered by Lord John Stockmer, Baron of Harkenwold, four adventurers – Ludwig the Bald, Aramil, Flip and. (media-item-align-center) (Beneath the village of harken)! h2. h1. Welcome to your new campaign! This is your new campaign homepage. The first thing you should do is.

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The taphouse used to be a respected taphouse known to be an excellent pub and grub, a favorite of traveling merchants and adventurers. For more information about Wizards of the Coast or any of Wizards’ trademarks or other intellectual property, please visit their website at www.

Quotes from Beneath of the Village of Harken. The baron appoints village elders to help with the daily governing of the Harkenwold.

Quotes from Beneath of the Village of Harken | Harken’s Heroes | Obsidian Portal

Watch headings for an “edit” link when available. I got a For veteran RPGers it’s a great adventure with a lot of sidetreks if you want. Check out the Filter FAQ. Her cousin Abel and his family help out.


Kobold minion remaining has a speed of 6. Background Edit Harkenwold sits on the White River and consists of 5 settlements: You roll a one. The filters work on reddit mobile. Despite the fact— Slash: Create account or Sign in.

Do not suggest, promote, or perform piracy. Old Tower This vine-covered ruin was once a post for soldiers guarding the bridge.

Each band shifts from camp to camp every few months. Erst the Wainwright Erst is stout, middle-aged, and balding, well known as a human of few words. You have a higher intelligence than me?

Also note our banned subjects list. Welcome narken What is a Wiki Site?

As is Player’s Option: The party were informed by the Duke of Fallcrest that Harkenwold was in danger, so the party set out to aid them. One slightly singed goblin escaped towards the next room, to be hacked down by the warforged fighter in the doorway. How would this be cooked, the goblins wanted to know? Ganassi feels that you melee types can handle the— Patrick: He hopes to deflect Iron Circle suspicions for as long as possible, but realizes that direct confrontation is inevitable.

  LDO 6206 PDF

I am supposed to be on a pedestal.

I got a six. Tor’s Hold is a small hamlet and keep, Marl is a village burned by the Iron Circle as a warning, Albridge is the second-largest settlement and home to Dar Gremath ‘s rebellion and Harken is the largest settlement and the headquarters of the Iron Circle. Are we in such a position that we can do a surprise action? The roof collapsed long ago, leaving the interior open to the weather, but the awalls are still sound. The Mallard Inn This small inn and taphouse is owned by Onneth, an older half-elf man nearing retirement.

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