Bendiciones y Milagros: Crealos, Recibelos y Disfrutalos (Coleccion Millenium) by Consuelo Carrillo Diaz at – ISBN – ISBN . Books By Consuelo Carrillo Diaz. Most Popular Books. Bendiciones Bendiciones y Milagros: Crealos, Recibelos y Disfrutalos. Consuelo Carrillo Diaz. from: N/. Results 1 – 16 of 18 by Gutierrez Lopez Abel Alfredo and Letechipia L Consuelo . Bendiciones y milagros / Blessings and Miracles (Coleccion Millenium).

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Birth of the Child Jesus. God is in control and will never leave us or forsake us. Find a place where you can help- and focus that negative energy that you’re wasting sitting at home in your comfertable chair, get up, and go do something to help. They as well as the victims need our thoughts and prayers. But my work can only bear fruit if You are with me, supporting me, giving me strength and wisdom to get ahead, even in the midst of problems and difficulties. To join UDP Global you need to have one of the following web navigators: You live a charmed existence.

Unfortunately, things like this happen. Recording began only just about a hundred years ago. Mis mas sentido pesame a todos aquellos que perdieron su familia y a los que quedaron fuerza para seguir. Don’t pray, while it might may you feel better on the inside in no way is it helping these people. There will be trials on this earth, but when we rely on Christ He promises to carry us through.

When disasters hit they really don’t care whether you believe in God or not or what religion your in. The cruise ships have large efficient staffs who are used to manning 1,00’s of people. Beloved God, heal me, rescue me, liberate me and support me, today and I always need you in my life.


Saya hanya bisa berdoa. La naturaleza obra sin consentimiento humano, sin distingo de razas, credos o fortuna. Now is really not the time to question God’s existence,what’s existing are these haitians in crisis,and I pray as a God believer that he will help them.

They did kick out of their country in the 80’s both American embassy workers and Christian bendicoones. There’s really no way to communicate that to someone who refuses to see your experience as valid.

How sad is that? Now,is this not mystery enough for you?

My thoughts are with the victims. Help is on the way. I have done both. My Lord and my God, please fill me with your presence, enlighten my life and the lives of the people I love, please take us on good roads, free us from the envy that haunts, the disease, the malicious enemy and the tangible evil and intangible. My prayers are with the bendiciomes in Haiti. I am so sorry to heir about this may GOD bless you all with the strenth to get through this tragedy.

However, there is frustration amongst the medical community here in SF given the financial burden required to serve in this region post-earthquake. Give now or more lives will be lost in the aftermath. Molagros would obviously be a strong PR move on a corporate level. For those of us whom SEE beyond your wall. Please donate to the Red Cross, crrillo in some way to add real material resources to the relief effort.

May your help and consolation never cease and please protect us in all cosnuelo, free us from worries and accompany us with your unconditional love in each of our acts. This is not fear, this people has suffered so much along their lives and now the Lord award them with an earthquake. I am lucky to be alive. My prayers and thoughts are with the families in Haiti. Because my feeling is this, you cannot possibly believe in something you have never experienced and cannot experience it as long as you REFUSE to believe.


We need to fill our ship with supplies to bring to Haiti to help. If you can’t even drop the Bush Derangement Syndrome at a moment like this it’s time carrjllo see a therapist Immature comebacks merely encourage them. Please continue to pray and donate if you can.

God, please lead me to other ways that I cknsuelo take action.

Bendiciones y Milagros : Crealos, Recibelos y Disfrutalos

Oh God, give the people of Haiti strength to be able to bear such a heavy burden; move the heart of the people to offer whatever they can, to help those who who desparately need it. Hope all of us contribute what ever we can, even a dollar will help these unlucky Haitians. Many people, religious and irreligious alike, will help. People with dust on their face, and blood everywhere.

Show your humanity to these poor souls. My prayers are with you all Amen!!!!

Also, the people in Hati were eating mud and starving to death. And yet again, which ever god you profess to believe in, was looking the other way whilst the Earth shuck I also pray for “socrates” whose own dogma prevents he or she from understanding that all powerful God placed us in a world that is not perfect because of man’s sin to allow us to decide whether we love Him or not and to prepare us for the perfect world that is coming.

But watching the world galvanize to aid Haiti has restored my faith in people.