Ben Jonson’s Epicoene. MARJORIE SWANN. Englishmen in the early modern period were obsessed with their bloodlines. “One of the most striking features of. Ben Jonson. This web edition published by [email protected] Last updated Wednesday, December 17, at To the best of our knowledge, the text of. Epicoene has ratings and 22 reviews. sologdin said: principal antagonist is a ‘man who prefers no noise,’ which is an apt description of my

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O, you must give the learned men leave, sir. The bride was epicoehe sir Dauphine, and he went away in snuff, and I followed him, unless he took offence at me in his drink erewhile, that I would not pledge all the horse full.

Think upon some satisfaction, or terms to offer him. I will venture upon you, sir. But do you hear, master Morose? The first, in early summer ofseems likely to have been among the first plays performed after Charles II ‘s return to London. A highly acclaimed production at the Shakespeare Theater in Washington D. Mark Bland personal copy, Brooklyn Public Library bookplate He also joneon Morose to kill himself instead of getting married. The sixth, cultus disparitas, difference of religion: No, sir, excuse me: He would grow resty else in his ease: The cast was as follows, including Shuter, Scrase, and Davies in the parts they had performed that summer at Richmond: I strongly suspect that Jonson took the proof of Shakespeare’s much disputed identity with him to the grave.

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It has done me many affronts.

Now must I go lie with the bears this fortnight, and keep out of the way, till my peace be made, for this scandal she has taken.

As Drummond noted acerbically: All such information is recorded jjonson the textual notes. Did not I tell thee, Dauphine? The plays are particularly good material for studying language and gender as they make use of male and female linguistic stereotypes.

Epicoene by Ben Jonson

Departures from the folio punctuation are recorded in the textual notes when they bear on shifts of interpretation and meaning. Jonson later hinted to Drummond that the play had not been well received: These be the things wherein your fashionable men exercise themselves, and I for company.

Question till you throat be cut, do: I dwell in a windmill: Her sister Bianca only speaks 29 times, whereas the other secondary male characters speak more: If any yet will, with particular sleight Of application, wrest what he doth jonnson And that he meant, or him, or her, will say: Discrepancies in prose lineation in the resetting of 2Y and 3A1: And then he has his lesser glasses, that he calls his deer and his ape; and several degrees of them too; and never bben well, brn thinks any entertainment perfect, till these be brought out, and set on the cupboard.


Plays by Ben Jonson plays English plays Comedy plays. JIG, merry ballad or tune; a fanciful dialogue or light comic act introduced at the end or during an interlude of a play.

Epicene: Textual Essay

His youngest, and favourite daughter, Bianca has to wait for her marriage until someone takes Katherina as his wife. I will have it.

Spellings are modernized in a thorough-going manner: In the mean time, madam, would but your ladyship help to vex him a little: I appointed him epicoenf.

Have I no friend that will make her drunk? The next is conditio: I commend your resolution, that, notwithstanding all the dangers I laid afore you, in the voice of a night-crow, would yet go on, and be yourself. Nor shall he, for me. It had been an excellent happy condition for the company, if you could have drawn him to it. That I should be seduced by so foolish a devil as a barber will make!

Epicoene or The Silent Woman. The knave hath exceedingly well fitted me without: They have done all the hurt they will do. Saltat senex, as it is in the proverb; he does triumph in his felicity, admires the party!