(a) “Fund” means the Beedi Workers Welfare Fund formed under section 3 of the Beedi Workers. Welfare Fund Act, ;. (b) “prescribed”. The Beedi Workers Welfare Fund Act, is the Central enactment that is applicable to the entire Indian Territory including the State of. The Ministry of Labour & Employment is one of the oldest and important Ministries of the Government of India.

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Provided that no grant-in-aid shall be payable in respect of any such welfare measures and facilities where the amount spent thereon determined as aforesaid is less than the amount prescribed in this behalf. The Act came into effect on February 15, Power to call for information 6.

Medical and Surgical Requirements 1. Stone primus 1 1 III, hereinafter in this rule and as in rules 33,34and35referred to as the prescribed standard. Every owner of an establishment or factory or a contractor engaged in the manufacture of beedis who maintains a maternity centre according to the prescribed standard shall submit to the Commissioner in January of each year a certified statement of the expenditure incurred on the maternity centre during the preceding twelve months.

Equipment- a Are the equipments provided according to the prescribed standard? Date and hour of inspection. Any other information considered necessary regarding employment wages, welfare facilities allowed to the workers.

V ; 7 “Fund” means the Beedi Workers Welfare Fund ; 8 “member” means a member of an Advisory Committee or the Central Advisory Committee, as the case may be ; 9 “Schedule” means a schedule appended to these rules; 10 “section” means a section of the Act ; 11 “treasury” means any Government Treasury or sub-treasury.

The rooms shall workfrs air space of 18 cubic metres per bed and door and window space not less than one-third of the floor space with verandah 2.


Dressings [ i Registered Medical Practitio ner Lady. Signature of Inspecting Officer Date Inspection Report of the Acriflavin or other anti-septicyde. Dispensary catering for 2, workers or more Registered Medical Practitioner.

Mirror Forehead 1 1 The Finance Act for exempted unmanufactured tobacco from the levy of Central Excise duty, including additional excise duties. Dispensary catering for workers or less: Waterproof sheets beedu 2 meters 1 1 Medical and Surgical Equipments 1. One hall of 45 square metres. Bandages Triangular 6 6 5. The fund shall be used by the Union for the expenses that are welfate in relation with the methods and facilities that are essential or convenient to support the interests of person who are undertaking the works in the beedi industries.

Provided that a common main dispensary may be maintained for several. Pestle and Mortar com position.


Strapping adhesive 3 roller 1 1 Sets of wooden splints 4 x 3’x1 6″ 1 1 List Judgments citing this Act. Covered waiting accommodation square metres. EXTENT OF GRANT –IN –AID -Every owner of an establishment or factory of a contractor engaged in the manufacture of beedis who maintains a dispensary or a maternity centre for the benefit of workers employed in his establishment which conforms to the prescribed standard under the rule 29or32, as the case may be, and is subject to inspection under rule 30orrule 33, as the case may be, if he desires, to carry on improvements on the facilities existing on the 1st April,be eligible for such grant-in-aid in respect of non-recurring expenditure on such improvement as the Central Government may decide, subject to the condition that it shall not exceed 50 per cent.

Counter-signature of Commissioner with date.

Provided further that a lady medical licenciate may be appointed to be incharge of a maternity centre catering to more than 1, workers if she has ten years experience as a medical officer in independent charge of a maternity centre. Application of Act 1 of to cess 4. From this, the number of daily allow- ance for halt in expensive locality, for which daily allowance from at the special rate will be allowed, will be deducted. beedi


The Beedi Workers Welfare Fund Act, 1976

The fund shall also be included with the earnings from the savings of the amount accredited as mentioned above along with other funds established by the Government to accomplish the purposes under the enactment. The fund shall be employed for the purpose of paying yearly financial assistance to the Government of the States or other local bodies that fulfills the standard fixed by the Central Government.

Are you satisfied with the beei of the Centre? Adrenalin Hydrohloride Liquor 1, Water-proof sheet of 2 metres. Undine 1 1 Coir mat 15 metres x 1 metre. Short title, extent and commencement 2. Name of establishment including factory contractor engaged in the manufacture of the beedi served by the Maternity Centre.

Forceps Disecting to” othed. Measure glass 50 gms.

The Beedi Workers Welfare Fund Act, |Legislative Department | Ministry of Law and Justice | GoI

Name of the worker: Covered waiting accommodation- 25 square metrel. Tray kidney 1 2 Needle sature assorted Stainless Steel dekchi 12″ with cover 1 2 One lavatory for men. Name of the trade work holder. Provided that an outgoing member shall continue in office until the appointment of his successor is notified in the official Gazette.

The Beedi and Cigar Workers Conditions of Employment Act,has a limited coverage in as much as it does prescribe some beedj to improve the working conditions of the beedi and cigar workers in industrial premises only, such as cleanliness, ventilation, first aid, canteen, working hours, weekly holidays, etc.