Use Baymard’s comprehensive e- commerce UX research to create “State of. B&H Photo – Home Depot – ASOS – Nordstrom – Sears – Amazon. Homepage Examples – Product List: Category – Payment.

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Learn more and get full research access. Debenhams 42 Usability Score: Knowing the right approach for converting the average user puts us massively ahead of the competition. The UX benefits and inherent usability pitfalls of a multistep checkout flow, accordion checkouts, and one-step checkouts. Thank you for the great work! Your approach and methodology has proven itself to be valuable.

Their articles often get my Ecom gears turning.

About Baymard Institute

Let me check what we can baymardd to improve the usability in the Smashing Shop. Based on the usability test findings Baymard has benchmarked the online shopping experience of 60 top-grossing US and European e-commerce sites across all of the UX guidelines. The content is exactly what our team has been looking for, and so much more! The team in the room really loved the way the Baymard Institute highlighted the optimizations in the various user experience elements copy, layout, design, calls-to-action…from the perspective of consumer struggles.

Error recovery and address validation experiences, incl.

The reports that the Baymard folks do cost money, but they’re worth it. Comprehensive, pragmatic and actionable.

Our whole group found it incredibly insightful. GAP 48 Usability Score: Product Page On-Site Search. I would highly recommend this training to anyone who wants to learn how to create state of art e-commerce user experiences. Mobile E-Commerce Mobile Basics. You should know that this has been very well received internally and there’s a lot of excitement around adopting the ideas you have shared.


The audits have provided us with specific and actionable advice, allowed us to prioritize development resourcesand enabled us to compare UX performance between the 7 different country-specific sites, and against State of the Art implementations.

People here are quite pleased and amazed by the amount of work that was put into this. Extremely helpful, thank you!

All these issue have been analyzed and distilled into user experience guidelines prioritized by UX impact — providing you with concise design guidelines that will help your organization improve the User Experience performance and conversion rate of your e-commerce site.

We often get asked to for help with checkout usability and I often refer people your way. This provides your organization with the most comprehensive institte UX database in the world with 3, manually reviewed e-commerce pages with more than 50, weighted UX performance scores to compare against. Our clients find they get a significant Return on Investment if they implement just a handful of the guidelines.

Avoid going down the wrong path early in the design and development process. I wanted to again express my appreciation for working with us on such a condensed time frame last month.

Initiating, moving through, and finalizing a return online; returns costs, shipping methods, in-store returns, shipping labels, baymqrd packaging returns. Alex WrightDirector of Research at Etsy. Home Depot 2 Usability Score: The severity and frequency ratings have helped our development teams to prioritise which areas to improve first. The shopping cart page, incl.


Creating a balanced product list experience within the confines of a mobile screen, incl. Product Page Shipping, Returns, and Gifting.

3, E-Commerce Design Examples Distributed Across 45 Page Types – Baymard Institute

Their articles often get my Ecom gears turning. How to cause as few abandonments as possible, incl. How to design a high-performing instiyute gallery that serves as the perfect container for the product images, incl. Just reviewed it with the team. Shipping and store pickup, incl. We have redesigned our checkout process and made changes to our category pages based on usability guidelines in the reports.

Order list item design, order tracking pages, third-party order tracking, how users get to order tracking, guest order tracking, order status emails, order cancellation, order receipts, and order status filters.

Number of Users Chris HallPresident of RepairClinic. Shipping, Returns, and Gifting: Efe YamanProgram Manager at n Number of Users 1. The report was very, very well done and loaded with great opportunities for us to improve our business.

Product Page Specifications Sheet. Information to include in List Items, formatting and displaying information, displaying product variations as one or multiple List Items, what product bayjard to display, and more. Full access to all research guidelines and 60 in-depth UX case studies.

The baymarc itself is done really professionally and the recommendations contain actionable and insightful information.