Q: Why is “Strange Apparitions” the best Batman run? – @IanGonzales. A: See what I mean about these questions that include their own. Batman has ratings and 44 reviews. Lᴀʏᴀ said: First off, I would like to state that I’m very torn about my rating for this graphic novel. On one hand. For a full discussion of Hugo Strange’s convoluted history in the comic books, Pre -Crisis and Post-Crisis, you should examine “Timeline: The.

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Oh, shut upDick.

Batman: Strange Apparitions : Strange Apparitions

These pages are alive with atmosphere. Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. The Legend of Batman Graphic Novels. Exactly what I was after I’ve read the linked article too. The artwork compliments the stories which try to present a modern day Batman who works at night while keeping his day identity of Bruce Wayne. My favorite story of the volume has to be the Joker-centered ones.

Artwise, much I first heard of Steve Englehart’s acclaimed Batman run long before I ever read it – and having just reread it for the first time in a dozen years, I can once again see why. Some have called these issues “the definitive Batman.

And once he and Terry had their two sons, Alex and Eric, he naturally told them stories. I also like that Silver is shrewd enough to figure out that Bruce Srtange is Batman; and that she’s torn about telling him that she knows or keeping it all to herself and just wait for him to come around and tell her apparitiojs.

What fun would there be in humbling mere policemen?

Share on Twitter Share on Facebook. The art is gorgeous as well.


His laugh is described as “raining down like ice cubes. Bruce Wayne loves and loses, has an awkward wrestling match with Robin, and Alfred keeps butler-ing despite being a patient in the hospital.

The lamest story was without a doubt the Penguin’s but the rest were fun and full of over the top drama, love it! That’s something that you hear a lot with regards to Batman, especially in the Bronze Age. Apparitionw also interesting to see how much of a jerk Batman was made out to be, and how he has developed beyond that.

Batman: Strange Apparitions | DC Database | FANDOM powered by Wikia

In other words, the “Prey” story arc was not necessarily the “new and improved” Official Post-Crisis Doctrine regarding how Bagman Strange first became interested in the mystery of “Who is Batman? In a way, that makes “Strange Apparitions” one of comics’ most successful examples of looking backwards. Log in No account? But what I will say is that for a generation apparjtions mine that was weaned on the dark aspect of the Dark Knight, this will come off as sort of corny.

As the Batman seeks to foil his powerful adversary, Ru Batman: I’d say that’s silly, but Hugo is so gloriously old-school arch-villain that I can accept it. May 03, Don rated it really liked it Shelves: Your IP address will be recorded. Bruce Wayne meets the beautiful and intriguing Silver St. He is the “strange apparition” the book is named after.

Actually, yes, yes he does. Yep, it’s a pair of Monster Men! Two stories, one involving Hugo Strange learning Batman’s secret identity and another involving the Joker poisoning the water to give fish his face and then trying to copyright fish were later adapted for the great Bat This book collects stories from eight issues of Detective Comics sfrange Marvel Writer Steve Engelhart took over the apapritions of Detective Comics as well as two issues written by Len Wein.


I did not collect the batmsn at t I always enjoy reading this collection of stories by Englehart and Marshall.

As for just what makes it so great and why it stands the test of time, it all comes down to how they were able to build on the past while creating something that still feels modern almost 40 years later. But those six issues where they’re together?

“Strange Apparitions”: Hugo Strange returns from the dead, goes back, then kinda returns again (?)

A ver, los hay, pero en una cantidad tolerable y de una longitud medida. Strange, and a dozen other titles. Coming Soon Reminder Thank you for your interest in Label.

One of his contributions, The Night Man, became not only a successful comics series, but also a television show. It’s possible that some readers raised on modern comics may have some trouble getting into Strange Apparitions. Hugo StrangeBruce Wayne. This run had an excellent sla I was interested in reading a classic Batman story or two and realized that I wanted to go back and re-read the classic Steve Englehart run of Batman in Detective Comics from back in the mid’s.

Thank you for your interest in Label. Marvel Marvel Movie Collection. Other books in the series. With the exception of Dr.

Dialogue apparjtions Hugo and Batman explicitly referenced the events of “Prey” as being the last time Hugo had been reported as doing anything at all in Gotham City.