Lualhati Bautista .. several awards for her short stories such as “Tatlong Kuwento sa Buhay ni Juan Candelabra” and “Buwan. Bata Bata Paano Ka Ginawa. Then I picked up one of the books in my TBR, Bata, Bata. Pa’no Ka Ginawa is also about the choices she made as a woman at a time when. Lualhati Bautista Bata, Bata Pa’no Ka Ginawa? August 6, | Author: Raz Mahari Lualhati Bautista Description. Bata, Bata Pa’no Ka Ginawa?.

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Anvil Classics — Anvil Publishing, Inc.

They are now seen fighting for their rights and not minding consequences. Sister Ann was surprised of the question but remained calm about it and told Lea that she is a nun. And the announcement came, which was won by Maya because of her simplicity and total personality, Ding shouted for joy while saying to the crowd that it is his daughter who won. She is strong-willed and independent.

But I also have to be honest to oa, right? One of her best screenplays, also written during the same year was Bulaklak ng City Jail based on her novel about imprisoned women, has won almost all awards for that year from various awards guilds including Star Awards and Metro Manila Film Festival. PLOT Lea thought all was going to be well with kq relationships with men, her children and her work for a human rights organization when summer vacation started.


They were given a place where their complaints regarding women rights could be heard, as well as their concept about life and livelihood, earning them a voice within and outside the boundaries of home.

Lea started taking pictures while her eyes started to tears. Later that night she informed Ding that Ojie would go to his father. She wanted to back out but she was desperate so she asked Elinor if her children can stay until Sunday.

Lea thought that her husband still have at least a feeling of love towards her until Raffy told her that he has already a wife, Elinor. Another graduation rites which was intended for Lalhati, was the last scene of the movie. Pero sa darating na panahon, bawat isa sa kanila’y isang boto, isang isip, isang pasiya, isang tinig. At wala yatang kabanata sa libro na to na hindi ako natawa. It was always the girl or the female who need to follow but not the man, it is always the female who had to change but not the man.

No, not because of the protagonist’s Lea Bustamante usual sexual urges but because of the open-mindedness that the book wants to propagate.

Upon hearing this she became very irritated and burst out with a loud voice. The meeting started with the principal addressing the parents and students.

Along with thousands of women, men, and children they all marched. I am so glad that they fought and that we are free somewhat from the ex-president’s rule. Every person even the little ones were asking who Aquino was. This is the subject discussed and revealed by Lualhati Bautista’s novel which has 32 chapters. She was not surprised because she never saw Ojie study.



Anvil Classics

At home she started to question Ojie, but he started to answer back. They are starting to prove and earn their right to be treated as equals and worthy counterparts of men. Chapter 19 Next day, Lea was thinking of what she did to her son.

Lea stayed and enthralled herself with the many sights of Baguio. Dumating ang tagpuan kung kailan nagbalik ang dating asawa ni Lea upang kunin at dalhin sana si Ojie sa Estados Unidos. Yung unang rating ko dati 3 now bigyan ko ng 5 stars dahil pantay lang sila ng ‘Dekada This also affected her son Ojie, who was torn between going with his father Raffy to the U.

Bata, Bata… Pa’no Ka Ginawa?

She started writing while she was still 16 years old, and was mainly influenced by her parents who were into composing and poem-writing. View all 4 comments. Para kapag malungkot ako, masasabi ko sa sarili lualhxti She was confused on what she will cook for the kids to eat, and she has not even went to the market to buy for their food.