Download >> Read Online >> bascule synchrone et asynchrone pdf bascule jk maitre esclave compteur bascule d les bascules exercices. Partie 1: Comptage synchrone. 1) Compteur par Le compteur par 10 est réalisé à l’aide de 4 bascules J-K. Voici la table des transitions: X. Sorties (t). Les bascules sont effectivement des unités de mémoire 1-bit. répond à l’ intensité d’un signal, ou comme une bascule (synchrone), qui est déclenchée par Un verrou JK a trois entrées: une entrée ‘C’ lock (horloge) et 2 entrées J et K (J et K.

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Ainsi, ils peuvent transformer une impulsion en un signal constant, autrement dis, “transformer un bouton en levier”. A more detailed description of the operation of plurifonction regulator object of the invention, as shown in Figure 2a will be given in connection with FIGS 2d and 2e, which represent timing diagrams of signals recorded for test points Points of Figure synchhrone.

In case of faults on a single wire of bus 1, one of the counters 71 or 72 reaches a maximum value four for example. It holds its state while the clock is high, and is by far the most compact of the D latch designs. The exciting current of the inductor In the alternator increases synxhrone the alternator phase voltage Up, without the battery is recharged, and the sense voltage from the terminal 08 decreases.

The cathode of the diode is connected to the terminal 04 of the lamp LT.

A JK flip-flop is another memory element which, like the D flip-flop, will only change its output state when triggered by a clock signal C. However, the delay between the input pulse and the output transition is also longer. This threshold value or set VR is representative of the battery charge set point voltage.

Either way, the two inputs are called J and K. This case is transformed into a succession of statements O-1, 1-O or vice versa by resetting a D flip-flop 91 or 92 opposite to the counter overflowing.


EP0427638A1 – Line interface for an information transmission network – Google Patents

Date of ref document: Apparatus and method for distinguishing between faults due to alternator failure and interruption of stator phase signals in automotive battery charging systems. We have thus described a particularly efficient plurifonction regulator wherein defects, as varied as removal of the alternator phase input, the uninterruptible power supply field of the inductor, the cut-off terminal “sense”, are indicated by the same lamp.

Now a gated D latch can be made with two repeaters, and a D flipflop with four repeaters and a torch:. In the case where the alternator is not rotating, on rupture, for example, the drive belt thereof or when the engine is stopped, the lamp LT turns on and conducts a current intensity range between and mA with the closing of the ignition key, alternator not being excited state allowing the charging of the battery B, but in a state of pre-excitation. The choice between manual operation or automatic operation is effected by a circuit 12 using 2 son and on each of which is applied a logic level: Known digital networks of random access data transfer and detection of non-destructive collisions, for motor vehicles.

Fonctionnement d’un ordinateur/Les circuits séquentiels — Wikilivres

This detection signal enables the syjchrone of an excitation current to the frequency and the duty cycle imposed by the alternator phase voltage signal applied to the voltage input terminal of alternator phase in order to trigger the process of priming of the alternator.

Furthermore, in order to ensure complete control signaling defects, as has been shown in Figure 2a, the controller plurifonction object of the invention comprises a circuit 10 for outputting a detection excitation signal SPE presence or absence of excitation of the alternator. When the alternator phase synchronee on the input terminal 02 is greater synchorne VS1, the second DSD detection signal is constituted by synchronous pulses of the alternator phase signal, as shown in Figure 5b, and the whole flip-flops 30, 31, 32 and 33 is continually reset to zero.

Timing means for storing and means for controlling the excitation of the inductor of the alternator in synchronism speed are provided. Design M is a 1-wide dual-piston design, which can be tiled adjacent to each other for compact circuitry. As the normal state and the short-circuit are represented by the same pair of “bits” OO, the output of the “NOR” must be enabled by the command “degraded mode” simply by AND gates An edge trigger can turn a gated D latch into a D flip flop.


The present invention relates to a line interface for an information transmission network, comprising a receiving filter in the two-wire bus signal input of the network and providing a filtered signal to a shaping circuit outputting the digitized signal to a manager protocol.

Date of ref document: The excitation current is removed on the terminal 03A and the alternator phase voltage decreases to tend towards a value corresponding to the residual excitation of the inductor.

D Latch A Voir sur: They are composed of three D flip-flops or mounted in the shift register and a JK flip-flop or The voltage delivered by the comparator 25, following the triggering cited in NOR gatesignal failure due to lack of battery charge.

EPA1 – Line interface for an information transmission network – Google Patents

A switching circuit 92 receives the effective heartbeat default alternator SPED above and allows the supply or non-supply of the terminal 04 for extinction or lighting the lamp fault indicator lamp LT alternator.

The aforesaid second detection signal is zero if the phase voltage of the generator present on the input terminal 02 is less than VS1, and corresponds to synchronous pulses of the alternator phase signal otherwise.

Only one of the three signals arriving on the AND and may be one at a time, so only one comparator output is validated.

In the absence of reset flip-flops 30 to 33, the SAEP signal also passes to level 1 output of flip-flop 33 with a delay of 50 ms from the SCR signal CK for a clock frequency equal to 80 Hertz.