Revolutionary War Drill Manual by Friedrich Wilhelm von Steuben are to be perfectly acquainted with the manual exercise, marchings and. On February 23, , Frederick William Baron von Steuben reported to General George Washington at the Continental Army’s bleak winder encampment at. Von Steuben: Manual of Arms The Manual Exercise .. Baron von Steuben’s Revolutionary War Drill Manual (), Dover Publications, Inc., Mineola, NY.

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Baron Von Steuben’s Revolutionary War Drill Manual: A Facsimile Reprint of the Edition

Not much of a read. I picked varon one up after reading A Few Bloody Noses. The guards without the limits of the maanual will ordinarily be relieved in the same manner; but this must depend on their distances from camp, and other circumstances, which may sometimes require their continuing on duty for several days.

The Troop assembles the soldiers together, for mamual purpose of calling the roll and inspecting the men for duty. The relief of sentries is always to be marched in the greatest order, and with supported arms, the corporal often looking back to observe the conduct of the men; and if an officer approaches, his is to order his men to handle their arms, supporting them again when he has passed.

Preview this item Preview this item. Open the pan by throwing back the steel with a strong motion of the right arm, keeping the firelock steady in the left hand. The platoons faced, step off, and march obliquely to their places in the line; when the second platoon has gained its proper distance, its officer commands:.

Their own quarter guards turn out once a day with presented arms; after which they only turn out with ordered arms. The sergeant of the rounds is to answer Grand rounds!

The rear rank steps back four paces, and dresses by the right; the officers at the same time advancing eight paces to the front, and dressing in a line; the sergeants who covered the officers, take their places in the front rank; the non-commissioned officers who were in the rear, remain there, stepping back four paces behind the rear rank.

The head of the column arriving at the entrance of the camp, the commanding officer of the first battalion will command. When the quartermasters arrive on the ground where the troops are vrill encamp, the quartermaster general having fixed his line of encampment, will conduct them along the line, and give each brigade quartermaster the ground necessary for his brigade. Sign up for LibraryThing to find out whether you’ll like this book.


An officer of each battalion must be appointed to superintend the striking of the tents, and loading the wagons: He is to ateuben present at all distributions in the regiment, and to form and send off all detachments for necessaries. The whole column must always begin to march, and halt, at the same time, and only by order of the commanding officer.

Their own quarter guards turn out once a day with shouldered arms; after which they only turn out and stand by their arms.

Citations are based on reference standards. When a soldier rsvolutionary been sick, he must not be put on duty till he has recovered sufficient strength, of which the surgeon should be judge. One officer of a company must every day visit the tents; see that they are kept clean; that every utensil belonging to them is in proper order; and that no bones or other maual be in or near them: When the sentry before the guard challenges, and is answered Grand rounds!

It is highly essential to the services that the ammunition should be at all times kept complete; for which purpose, as often as necessary, a return is to revolutinoary made by each company of the number of cartridges deficient, to the quartermaster, that he may make out a general one for the regiment, to be signed by the commanding officers of the regiments and brigade, and no time lost in supplying the deficiency. He must be at all times well acquainted with the strength of his regiment and brigade, and the details of the army, and see that his regiment furnishes no more than its proportion for duty.

The whole wheel by platoons to the right, and march by the general; the colonel at the head of the battalion, with the major behind him, followed by the drums of the right wing; the adjutant on the left of the fifth platoon; and the lieutenant colonel in the rear preceded by the drums of the left wing.

The manual itself is probably best used with some military miniatures, or at least paper counters, that you can push around to duplicate the maneuvers.

The line charge their bayonets, and quicken their step; the drums beat the long roll; and the officers and men must take care to dress to the center, and not crowd or open their steuuben. No non-commissioned officer or soldier shall be permitted to pass the chain of sentinels round the camp, without permission in writing from the commanding officer of his regiment or battalion; which permission shall be dated the same day, and shall, on the return of the person to whom it was granted, be delivered to the adjutant, who is to return it to the colonel or commanding officer with his report.


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The whole are to dress by the colors. And then takes post eight paces in front of his detachment; the non-commissioned officers fall two paces into the rear, manua, one who remains on the right of every detachment. And every company shall be constantly furnished with two sacks, to be filled occasionally with straw, and serve as beds for the sick.

If the defile is difficult or long, so wag as the front have passed and gained sufficient ground, they will halt till the whole have passed and formed, when they will continue the march.

Revolutionary War Drill Manual

The maneuver should always be covered by troops posted on each side the defile, and on dtill advantageous piece of ground that presents itself, to annoy and keep back the enemy. The ground being marked out, the quartermasters will leave the pioneers, and go to meet their regiments, conduct them to their ground, and inform the colonel where they are to go for their necessaries.

The order of the march of an army being given, the adjutant general will appoint the field officers for the advanced and rear guards, and issue order to the brigade majors to have ready their respective quotas of other officers and men for the advanced guard, which will consist of the number necessary for the guards of the new camp. References to this book To Compel with Armed Force: When marching in open column, the officer commanding will often form battalion, by wheeling to the right or left, in order to see if the eevolutionary have preserved the proper distances between the platoons.

The officers and colors salute when within eight paces of the general; and the colonel having saluted, advances to him. When the corporal returns with the old sentinels, he leads them before the old guard, and dismisses them to their ranks.