Fossatum Africae: recherches aériennes sur l’organisation des confins sahariens à l’époque romaine. Front Cover. Jean Lucien Baradez. Arts et métiers. Fossatum Africae (“African ditch”) is a linear defensive structure (limes) claimed to Ideas on the purpose of the Fossatum have evolved since Baradez’ time. This feature was rediscovered in by Jean Baradez, a retired French Air Force pilot and described in great detail in his book, Fossatum Africae.

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In Stilicho met an invasion of Italy led across the Danube by Radagaisus and they brought devastation to the heart of the Empire, until Stilicho defeated them in and recruited most of them into his forces 7. Sometimes the embankments are supplemented by dry stone fosdatum on one or both sides; rarely, there are stone walls without a ditch.

Moving sheep up along a road in the Massif CentralFrance. Baradez also postulated a pulse of construction during the reign of Gordian III in the 3rd century, and finally abandonment of the Fossatum in after the Vandal invasion.

Emirate of Tlemcen topic The Ifranid Emirate of Tlemcen[1] or Ifranid Kingdom of Tlemcen,[2][3][4] was a Kharidjite state,[5][3] founded by Berbers, of the Ifranids, in the central Maghreb in the eighth century,[6] with a capital at Tlemcen in modern Algeria. Berber history Revolvy Brain revolvybrain.

Fossatum Africae – Reminders of Roman Empire History – English blog | By Algeria Channel

Fossatum Africae North Africa Black lines indicate approximate path of the 4 sections of the Fossatum Africae according to Baradez On Scipio’s orders, two of his ablest commanders, Laelius and Masinissa, followed Syphax’s retreat to the town of Cirta, wherein Syphax garnered fresh forces to meet africa two generals in the open.

Hiempsal, the younger and most impetuous of the two brothers, gave mortal offence to Jugurtha. At that time there were perhapsArabs living in Ifriqiya, although the Berbers still constituted the great majority. Hadrian died the year at Baiae. It is probably the Apuleius’s Zaratha. A scarp and a counterscarp are the inner and outer sides of a ditch or moat used in fortifications. The Kingdom of Fez was centered at Fez, acricae the west of Tlemcen.


The four preserved sections of this historic structure are found in Algeria and neighboring Tunisia, remaining as a reminder of a time barzdez history when the Roman Empire appeared to be unstoppable in its conquests.

Fossatum Africae

Member feedback about Jugurtha: Early life In BC, Masinissa sent Micipsa and his brother Gulussa to Carthage to demand that exiled pro-Numidian politicians be allowed to return, but they were refused entry at the city gates. Having been built in an arid region of strong winds and blowing sand, the Fossatum quickly eroded and only traces remain. Member feedback about Kingdom of Ait Abbas: During the Middle Ages, Arab nomads of the Banu Hilal occupied much of the area and noticed southwest of Biskra a ditch which they called a saqiya irrigation canal and attributed it to a legendary Arab queen Bint al-Khass or al-Krasswho was supposed to have built it to supply pilgrims to Mecca with water.

Roman North Africa Revolvy Brain revolvybrain. Member feedback about Numidia: Baradrz has a population of over In Stilicho met an invasion of Italy led across the Danube by Radagaisus and they brought devastation to the heart of the Empire, until Stilicho defeated them in and recruited most of them into his forces. Some researchers have postulated that North Africa rather than East Africa served as the point for the modern humans who first trekked out of the continent in the Out of Africa migration.

Domes of the Great Mosque of Kairouan. His reputation flourished during the lifetime of his children and centuries after his reign, the medieval church upheld him as a paragon of virtue while secular rulers invoked him as a prototype, a point of reference, and the symbol of imperial legitimacy and identity.


Cirta was the capital city of the Berber kingdom of Numidia; its strategically important ffossatum city was Russicada. It is generally accepted that he came from a family with roots in Hispania.

It would later fossayum the capital of the Empire for over one thousand years and his more immediate political legacy was that, in leaving the empire to his sons, he replaced Diocletians tetrarchy with the principle of dynastic succession.

Member feedback about Masinissa: Peace processes have thus far failed to break the political deadlock, Morocco is a constitutional monarchy with an elected parliament.

These are abundant and detailed, but have strongly influenced by the official propaganda of the period. However, the indigenous Muslim population remained a majority of the territory’s population throughout its history.

Its capital and most populous city is Algiers, located in the far north. Gradually, dissatisfaction among the Muslim population with its lack of political and economic status fueled calls for greater political autonomy, and eventually independence fosaatum France.

Fossatum Africae – Wikipedia

Cities in Tunisia Revolvy Brain revolvybrain. News Videos Upload Videos more Coin of the Hafsids with ornamental Kufic, Bougie, Algeria, He selected from Dios account of Hadrians reign based on his religious interests 8. Member feedback about Limes Mauretaniae: Catholic titular sees in Africa Revolvy Brain revolvybrain. Member feedback about Hafsid dynasty: The Limes Mauretaniae was a Roman frontier territory in Africa and a defense line approximately kilometers south of the modern day Algiers.