I was attracted to read this work (volume 1, ), co-authored by now famous Richard Bandler and John Grinder, after reading about the use. Bandler and Grinder, at the Touro Nursing School and we signed up on a trail into understanding, to be succeeded by “Structure of Magic. Results 1 – 30 of The Structure of Magic by John Grinder; Richard Bandler and a great selection of related books, art and collectibles available now at.

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It is, in effect, a model of a model. They assume that people are trying to faithfully represent their actual remembrances with their words. And even the techniques distilled by Bandler and Grinder from all sorts of therapeutic are confied lf to This book is NOT about mind manipulation, it’s NOT about reading minds, it bandlee even be used for misguided purposes mgic if anything, this book will tell us how in a simplified way, we operate in the world through our minds and build different internal representations of the world based on what we have experienced – some chances for improvement and action, or lack of choice and freedom.

Has anyone ever got a new car and then suddenly noticed how many other cars on the road were exactly the same? Deletions result in an impoverished model of the world, which results in a limited range of behavioral options in any situation. If they are missing from the deep structure, they may be the cause of the pain the client is feeling.

They are the underlying unstated assumptions of a model. Could somebody give me a better description? The process for recognizing deletions at the Surface Structure level is to take a given utterance by the patient and to use our linguistic intuition to try and imagine the same sentence with more noun arguments.

Book 1 is similar to ‘questions for specificity’ in cognitive structurd, but with a much fuller picture of the differences between ‘deep structu Bandler and Grinder set out to show how coaches or therapists who are very effective, use a range of very similar skills oof the authors here try to pull together: This is a little gem of ans book which, perhaps more so than any other, helped me understand how our minds work on a linguistic basis a topic of, no doubt, interest to avid readers.


The text is very dense and technical but there are a lot of explanations and examples and the only prerequisite for the material is a fluency in English. Read, highlight, and take notes, across web, tablet, and phone.

The Structure of Magic I: A Book about Language and Therapy

Otherwise, we’d just generalise again: No trivia or quizzes yet. The or that are missing in the Surface Structure are the material which has been removed by the Deletion Transformation. That is an instance of perceiving things only after they enter our model of reality.

Fantastic book for clarifying human communication Like experience and our representation of experience in ‘deep structure’, many of the ideas have gone through a little too much generalization, distortion, and deletion: Learning the banfler in this book is empowering, I don’t say that in the motivational or emotional sense, I say it in a practical sense. The book is dated, but still highly valuable in its insights.

I’m not an expert in the development of psychotherapy history, but this book seems to have developed the techniques so familiar to us such as Their grammatical constructions are heavy and unnecessarily complicated, making the vrinder proce The ideas expressed in the book appear to me to be simple, far-reaching, and mostly uncontroversial, unlike other NLP-related theories, like eye positions.

Richard BandlerJohn Grinder. Add Book Cover 3 12 Jan 13, Oct 07, Stuart Macalpine rated it really liked it Shelves: This book is amazing! The semantics of the sentences that people say in therapy is determined by their conception of their own experience. Whilst the info is still good the book tends, to become very repetitive fast.

The Structure of Magic: A Book About Language and Therapy v. 1

It is easier to think of the Deep Structure as the Surface Structure with all grinser the details filled in. Syntax and grammar are governed by a finite, regular set of rules which may or may not be known to the speaker.

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The Meta model can be learned in a much easier way than through reading this particular book. Open Preview See a Problem?

The Structure of Magic I: A Book about Language and Therapy by Richard Bandler

Any model of reality can be affected in three different ways: The first part is the usueful one. Jun 06, Vaas structhre it really liked it.

Science and Behavior Books- Medical – pages. No eBook available Amazon. Return to Book Page. We always have a limited picture. Can it be downloaded? A bit hard going but interesting stuff. Books by Richard Bandler. Book 1 is similar to ‘questions for specificity’ in cognitive coaching, but with a much fuller picture of the differences between ‘deep structures’ residues of real experience in the mind and ‘surface structures’ which are the distorted, deleted and wrongly generalised things one chooses to say about those experiences.

Each of us creates a representation of the world in which we live — that is, we create a map or model which we use to generate our behavior. Then the therapist must find where the Deep Structure does not correspond with reality. This book elucidates the nature of human reality, the only reality that humanity knows.

These seminal works structurr neurolinguistic programming NLP help therapists understand how people create inner models of the world to represent their experience and guide their behavior.

Richard Bandler bandleg one of the greatest geniuses of personal change. This review will summarize the book by chapter, with my own thoughts added as notes to the side.