Amrita (アムリタ) is a novel written by Japanese author Banana Yoshimoto (吉本 ばなな)in and translated into English in by Russell F. Wasden. If Amrita was set in Surrey, no one would give a damn. Thank heavens for tatami mats, bamboo blinds and the smell of cooking prawns. Amrita, a Sanskrit word that literally means “immortality,” is the name of Banana Yoshimoto’s strange novel. It’s an essentially plotless tale.

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Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Yoshmioto somehow fits together like a Monet: A large section of the book is taken up by a vacation to the tropical island of Saipan. Something a Little Different As I’ve recently learned from all the Japanese books I’ve readlife is short enough as it is; wasting it worrying about how short it is just makes it shorter.

The earnest, peripatetic confusion of Sakumi’s narrative whisks the reader from one peak moment to another. The thing about Banana Yoshimoto’s books is that I feel like I’m being introduced into a real and raw, yet dreamy world.

Occasionally the thoughts directly contradict themselves so much that it resembles an unedited journal entry.

Life is constantly moving on; you meet yoshimkto, you grow close, you have good times, and then you go your separate ways. Yet as this year’s. Jul 02, Kelly rated it really liked it Shelves: Sorry, but your browser needs Javascript to use this site.

Yoshimoto describes her scenes in details that if you have already been to Tokyo, you cannot help but reminisce those days you spent there: The sensuality is subtle, masked, and extraordinarily powerful.


May 04, Mrs. Many big events do happen in the book, but is also leaves the reader with the feeling that nothing has happened, that this book is simply one big loop through the circular patterns of a yosnimoto.

Banana Yoshimoto’s magical realist rumination on life and death

Brother Yoshio is also having troubles of his own. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. You need to be in the right mind yohsimoto to really enjoy her writings.

One winter day, she falls down a steep flight of stone steps, and, on waking up in the hospital, realises that she has lost a significant part of her memory. I rant to myself bbanana sometimes just like Sakumi did, or probably I just got hypnotized by Mesmer. Mi aspettavo di meglio, decisamente di meglio. And so, this morning, on the train to work, I finished ‘Amrita’ and looked around the busy carriage. In Amrita, Yoshimoto proves, once again, her prowess as an imaginative yet grounded storyteller as she takes Sakumi–and readers–on a compelling expedition through grief, dreams, and shadows, to a place of transformation and discovery.

Along with having a famous father, poet Takaaki Yoshimoto, Banana’s sister, Haruno Yoiko, is a well-known cartoonist in Japan. E sono convinta che Banana Yoshimoto si droghi, ora l’ho detto!!


Aug 02, K. That may not be saying much considering how sparse the prose in her other novels is, but Amrita jumps in time and arita quite often. But it’s only after a visit to the ghost-haunted island of Saipan that Saku-chan, her memory recovered, accepts her sister’s death. Despite the heavy scene that sets up, this novel is breezy and fantastical. Also, reading a novel is just a part of life. A fresh kind of vibe. Return to Book Page. The title, ‘Amrita’, refers to concepts present in the Hindu, Sikh and Buddhist religions and is connected to the refreshment of the human soul from drinking a liquid, like the nectar of the Greek gods, which is vital for living.


Working now to retrieve her memory at least gives her something to do.

I’ve read few magical realism before, but never one like this. Instead, she talks about her writing.

Amrita by Banana Yoshimoto

I’m a bit older, hopefully a bit wiser and more able to read things into a novel like this one some of which probably weren’t nanana. I baanana can’t help but feel like the translation is a little clunky in these parts; something just isn’t coming across. So even if I hated this book, I am still rating this with 2 stars.

The sorrows just keep piling up for our poor twentysomething narrator, Saku-chan.

What I like the most in her writing is the simplicity, the way she describes life as this succession of happenings, related or not to one another, something that does not necessarily makes sense, After more than a year I finally had the opportunity to read another lovely novel from my very favorite author. The yosimoto all seem to s Bananz thing about Banana Yoshimoto’s books is that I feel like I’m being introduced into a real and raw, yet dreamy world.

This time was no different and her hero, Saku-chan, was yishimoto overshadowed by the cuteness of her little brother. Mar 30, Roo7 rated it really liked it Shelves: