Balaji. Product. Media Center. Contact Us. Careers. Snacking its way to success A tough competitor for multinationals: Chandubhai Virani · More >>. Sitemap. Balaji Wafers | Download and Upload Project Reports related to Balaji Wafers. Research Reports on Balaji Wafers Pvt Ltd. exceptional RESULTS. CUSTOMER TESTIMONIAL. A Focus on Quality. The driving force behind the Balaji Wafers project has been to improve quality and.

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Without a product, there is nothing to distribute, not to promote, nothing to price. Records of the employees are useful for several purposes such as: The requirements of a job are known as job description and qualities demanded from the hob safers are termed as hob specification.

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The requisition of proportion arises because if company issues only ownership capital then it cant satisfy the main objective i. The production capacity should be utilized maximum extent.

This helps he company to keep appropriate amount of cash with them. Channel of distribution indicates roots or pathways through which goods or services flows from producers to consumers.

Thus, for the acquisition of the fixed capital proper care should be taken. In capital structure the proportion of the capital is to decide with regard to use of debt and equity. Upload from Desktop Single File Upload. For supplying information required by government agencies.


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Their father Popatbhai Virani was a farmer, who sold ancestral agriculture land and gave Rs. Performance appraisal is also described as merit rating in which one individual is ranked better or worse in comparison to other.

To wafesr waste, we have therefore to maximize the use of the resources. Please copy and paste this embed script to where you want to embed Embed Script.

Balaji Wafers Pvt. Ltd.

It is very difficult to survive in this competitive world. We need your help! Product strategy indicates how the firm chooses to use branding as an integral part of its overall marketing strategy. Product planning means planning for the product that is to decide what type of products to be produced or what need or requirements the product should satisfy.

As this is a fully automatic plant, all the process like cutting of potatoes, wasginhg, peeling, steaming and frying are done automatically. Employees are one of the important resources of any organisation. The personnel department helps management in securing, using, and development appropriate, manpower to achieve the organizational objective. Because this gives a complete picture of he performance of the company. In other words, we can say that the capitalisation means the total borrowed capital and ownership capital of the firm.


There are the burning problems in front of marketing executive marketing research helps in gathering the useful information in this regard.

They operated there for around 22 years. After considering all these factors the projecf decides a competitive price, which will help them to compete with the competitors. The working days are divided into 2 shifts 4 hours each.

Balaji Wafers

Go to Application Have a question? The term working capital is commonly used for the requirement of capital for daily operation of business i.

LTD, tank projevt continuously update strategy in the right direction. Even the respondents may give biased answers. Marketing research is field of experts, requiring special training. When communicated, the manger to listen and understand and thus encourage the employees to put forth his grievance. Time or day wage system. Capacity of production at beginning kg per hour and current capacity is kg per hour.