Baku: An Eventful History [James Dodds Henry] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. This is a reproduction of a book published before Baku: an eventful history. Front Cover. James Dodds Henry. A. Constable & Co., ltd., – Armenian question – pages. Baku: An Eventful History. Front Cover. James Dodds Henry. A. Constable & Company, Limited, – Petroleum industry and trade – pages.

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They easily get over the ground, and an average horse can draw from twenty to twenty-five poods of oil. To make the story historically complete I should say that inunder the reign of Empress Anna, Baku was restored to Persia, and that it was only in 18 13 that the city was once more, and that finally, secured to Russia. The world owes much to Baku, the most ancient, just as it was before these racial risings the most prolific and profitable, oil-producing and refining centre in the world.

In a commission was appointed to prepare draft regulations relating to the petroleum industry and the excise on the photogen production. The oil from the wells is collected in large and deep stone-made ponds and carted to Baku in large leather bags.

Those who attended the meeting did not uphold their own decisions, and, a feeling of mistrust becoming general, they rushed into the market and attempted to undersell each other. These conditions prevailed up tothe refiners feeling the burden and complaining, but doing nothing to put a stop to the impositions until the Nobels made their appearance on the scene as refinery owners.

While the value of real estate and rooms in the Tartar quarter declined, property in the two Armenian settlements greatly increased in value. Approached from the Caspian, Baku — on the hillside, a panorama of white houses and splendid public buildings, and below the business thoroughfare stretching from Bailov Point and Black Town, a distance of seven miles — is picturesque, nay, majestic and noble, I care not whether it is seen beneath the winter snow or the tropical summer sun.

You already recently rated this item. The Crown was not sufficiently benefited by the contract system, and it expected to draw a larger revenue from the Baku oil fields by changing it.

The Government, on egentful petition submitted by the petrokum producers Sep- tember 17th,temporarily abolished the tax on kerosene.


I can best continue the subject of the misrepresentation of Baku by giving Charles Marvin’s opinion, written nearly thirty years ago, when an architectural metamorphosis was taking place, and the city was being rapidly modernised to meet the needs of the new industry of oil.

The start was bak, the well being easily capped, but while the cap arrangement was being made safer the pressure shattered it, and the oil burst forth with a fury which nothing could check. Details Additional Physical Format: Fire worshippers existed in the sixth century B.

One of these, erected near Tver, was intended for the exploitation of the village peat deposits of the province of Tver ; the other was erected by Witte and Company on the Holy Island east of the Apscheron Peninsula for the dry efentful of ozokerit, which yielded 68 per cent, of paraffin scale and 8 per cent, of oil.

In General Matushkim, ordered to possess himself of Baku, bombarded it, and was preparing to assault, when, on July 26th, the gates were opened to him. As therefore our Russian nation has been injured and insulted by these villains, and can obtain no reparation, we are compelled, after fervent prayer to our Lord God for victory, to march in person with our invincible army against the rebels, in full confidence dventful we shall bring to condign punishment those villains who have occa- sioned so much vexation and mischief to both parties, and do ourselves ample justice.

Baku: an eventful history,

Pettygrew, in his history of Egyptian Mummies, states that many of the mummies he exhumed had the cavities filled with asphaltum. Page – The outflow during three days was estimated at 5, or 6, tons daily. At 3 1 S feet he lost oil, but discovered huge quantities of gas. At the request of a producer the eventfuo management laid down a pipe line between his property and the Saboonchi terminus.

Please verify that you are not a robot. He ordered from abroad six more stills capable of taking a charge of fifty poods eventfkl, and at about the same time he commenced to build his Surakhani works at which he hoped to make use of the Eternal Fires.

Oil lands were practically given away as Royal gifts. You may send this item to up to five recipients. On the other hand it must be admitted that the fventful were partly to blame. It looked on every improvement proposed as an attempt to circum- vent the law, and did all it could to nip experimental work in the bud.


While there was hisgory com- petition, the colour did not matter much untilwhen 42 BAKU. Baku is unquestionably, but not ostentatiously, rich, some would say romantically rich. The greatest rush was for the fifteen groups at Balakhani.

Baku: an eventful history – James Dodds Henry – Google Books

During the first six months of this comparatively small area was credited with over twenty-five spouters. Starting work at the beginning ofthe company was able out of the profits made in the first five years to increase the original capital 62 BAKU. Cartwright, a traveller of the eighteenth century, says: BAKU has been a remarkable city for centuries. Multi-coloured tongues of fire dance weirdly in the winds.

Baku is unique ; its wild life is full of memories of insurrections and romance ; while the mysteries of its people — an extraordinary conglomeration of conflicting races and antagonistic spiritual influences — and that greatest mystery of all, the limitless extent of its oil deposits, are not more fascinating than its actual achieve- ments in the realms of trade and commerce.

The first to actually complete a well in was Mirzoiev, who was also the owner of the second well started in On the iSth June, same year, when he arrived at Astrakhan, he issued a manifesto in the Tartar, Turkish, and Persian languages. The inevitable result was a glut of oil and a slump in prices, the market being further affected by the fact that the refining industry was passing through a crisis.

There being indications that they were approaching the oil stratum which fed the Ararat Com- pany’s spouter, work was stopped, and the head of the casing strengthened down to 20 ft. Half-way through the fifties, when the photogen fever was at its height in Germany, Baron Tornau decided to start a photogen factory in Russia. Much time had to be wasted and paid for, in the case of the ordinary periodical still, while the still and residuum were allowed to cool.