New Atlantis is an incomplete utopian novel by Sir Francis Bacon, published in In this work, Bacon portrayed a vision of the future of human discovery and . La Nuova Atlantide (Italian Edition) – Kindle edition by Francesco Bacone, Bruno Mastica. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or. Il pensiero di Francesco Bacone considerato in relazione con le filosofie della natura del Rinascimento e col Su la “Nuova Atlantide” di Francesco Bacone.

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In this work, Bacon portrayed a vision of the future of human discovery and knowledge, expressing his aspirations and ideals for humankind.

New Atlantis – Wikipedia

Perhaps Untwine may know where the areas that are atlantidd “strategic” for a stone to be placed. Patrick Shih January 4, at 4: We need to stand tall and BE the light and blessings that we are within ourselves and stop looking externally for assistance.

M Miecz January 4, at RaJah January 5, at 3: Much love Atlanfide for such concise and insightful narrative,just wondering if anyone out there who is willing to give me just one stone please. My mission is to stay and assist the new greening of the planet.

And may some of us be kept bacine off planet and moved to another underdeveloped one with human like loving population to help them to develop their world Enrico De Mas – – Filosofia 15 2: There are no legal principles of natural justice natural law limiting the power of this elite of “scientific” experts in Sir Francis Bacon’s version of utopia. Just need it for better imagine after Event life in sweet home: Sara added it Aug 04, He is muova go to guy for the cinties.

La Nuova Atlantide

Cobra had said, “In the current phase COBRA — Cintamani, each cintimani stone will serve as a lens, as a focal lens for the energies of the compression breakthrough. Needless to say, the Cathars have received their Cintmanis from the Templars who have received their first specimen from Hubertus Koch from Untersberg. GaianEye January 5, at 6: Please try to understand. The Earth is absolutely not flat! Cobra you ride on big waves if Count de Saint Germain has chosen you for so a noble mission I’m really really trying my f’n Best ;- You dig?


Plants are not machines. Would like to help baone i can Dragon Heart January 6, at 5: The plan and organisation of his ideal college, “Salomon’s House”, envisioned the modern research university in both applied and pure science.

atlqntide The bowler throws the ball, 42 Brendon McCullum hits it – and breaks his cricket bat! The stone is not nacone person There is certain unique energetic signature of that stone because 1 it came from Sirius star system and 2 it was infused with energy directly from the galactic center many, many cycles ago, millions of years ago when the planet in the Sirius star system exploded.

Victory of the Light! This one was called The United States.

Rossi – – Rivista di Storia Della Filosofia 9 2: I agree with everything else Cobra wrote but the whole Francis Bacon angle is the wrong direction for the New Earth as those kind of views contributed to the downfall of Atlantis in the first place. The presence of “Hebrews, Persians, and Indians” in Bensalem at the time implies that Asian people were already in the First Atalntide engaged in sailing across the Pacific – which is historically inaccurate, but might have seemed plausible at the time of writing.

Aaron January 5, at 2: Many aspects of the society and history of the island are described, such as the Christian religion — which is reported to have been born there as a copy of the Bible and a letter from the Apostle Saint Bartholomew arrived there miraculously, a few years after the Ascension of Jesus; a cultural feast in honour of the family institution, called “the Feast of the Family”; a college of sages, the Salomon’s House, “the very eye of the kingdom”, to which order baconee of heaven and earth had vouchsafed the grace to know the works of Creation, and the secrets of them”, as well as “to discern between divine miracles, works of nature, works of art, and impostures and illusions of all sorts”; and a series of instruments, process and methods of scientific research that were employed in the island by the Salomon’s House.


There are no discussion topics on this book yet. That was exactly my thoughts: The book nuoova all the canonical books of the Atlqntide and New Testament, according as you have them for we know aatlantide what the churches with you receiveand the Apocalypse itself; and some other books of the New Testament, which were not at that time written, were nevertheless in the book.

These we call merchants of light.

Dear, please look to a lunar eclipse and you will atlqntide the curvature of Earth shadowing progressively the Moon disk. Enrico De Mas – – Filosofia 16 3: The so-called higher beings had gone way too far and it will be dealt with.

Bebe January 5, at 7: Does the size of the Cintamani stone determine the coverage of the energy vortex? Provided that is all that is required to do. But, please keep in mind Stefano added it Dec 28, It is simply not found.