What, the maps don’t mark the goodie caves anymore? aveyond-darkthrop-prophecy-walkthrough-cheats-strategy-guide/. Aveyond Darkthrop Prophecy Strategy Guide .. Walkthrough. Mel discovers that someone has scrawled “Darkthrop Prophecy” on the wall outside her room.

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The first flame is darothrop the far northwest. Make sure you have the best weapons and equipment scattered through the Demon Realm. When Mel awakes she is disoriented. Exit the cave again.

Travel north to Thornkeep in hopes of finding a torch to light the Marauders cave. Go to the locked shed and use the key on the door. Walk walmthrough the village. Yemite teleports away to find him. You will need a dragon to fly to Mysten Far.

This opens the two southern gates in the room with all the chests, so you can go back there to get some more goodies. Any unauthorized use, including re-publication in whole or in part, without permission, is strictly prohibited.

There are notices about a jewel thief in Sedona. Fight the Dragon Preview. To gain her walkthrouyh credits, she must perform a good deed. First he will play quite badly, but later he will become good enough to become the court bard, at which time he will be inside the castle. Once you get the will, return outside to the Judge.


The jars to move are circled in yellow.

Aveyond – The Darkthrop Prophecy Walkthrough – Episode 15 – Dreamland – video dailymotion

Take it back to the apothecary, who will make some poison. If you attempt to give her a knife, qalkthrough mother will throw you out of her house. At Harmony Temple there is a stone orb fixed to a pedestal and a statue of a hunter without her horn.

When in battle target Specters first, as they can heal and raise fallen Hell Hounds. He walktthrough you a note and permission to leave. Gyendal brings Mel and pushes her into the portal transporting her to the Demon Realm.

However, if you give the ghost doll from the Missing Daughter quest in Thornkeep to the girl, they will both leave and you can get the key.

Only magic works on most creatures here. Take the mirror that shows Edward exactly as he is, which is the second from the left. Go north to the temple and talk to the oracle. Sign up for a new account in our community. Nearby is a scale. She wants you to go and find her a aveyone one. Return it to Isabelle, who will give you her fan as a reward. There is wallthrough Sword Station and Tinctura Hypericum to find.


Aveyond: The Darkthrop Prophecy Walkthrough

Search the mine for a large chunk of blue ice. From darothrop point on, the Demon Caves are vast and intertwined with exits to the Demon Plains. After Mel has signed up for classes, return to Professor Yavara. At this point, you can enter the treasuries in Veldarah Palace and Sedona Castle.

She bids him to leave.

Obtain the Stone of Aya Go into the lower exit and pull the lever. You can now finally do other quests in Veldarah! Agree to help him with the wisp infestation. Mel does not understand; after all, she killed the demon that had the staff. Then return to Gregor and get a lute as reward.