Frey syndrome is characterized by unilateral flushing and sweating of the facial skin innervated by the auriculotemporal nerve (neck, parotid region, and. A neurologist from Poland, Dr. Lucja Frey, provided a detailed assessment of the disorder and coined the term “auriculotemporal syndrome” in Auriculotemporal nerve syndrome, also known as Frey syndrome, is an uncommon clinical entity in children. It is widely thought to be the result.

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Years Published aurixulotemporal,, This is sometimes termed “gustatory neuralgia”. Yu L, Hamilton R. The publisher’s final edited version of this article is available at Otolaryngol Clin North Am. Abdominal fat grafting Abdominal fat implantation to the parotidectomy defect is a commonly used technique for decreasing the postsurgical defect and improving cosmesis. In adults, it is common following parotid surgery. Causes The exact underlying cause of Frey syndrome is not completely understood.

The occipital artery, which enters the posterior surface of the muscle in the upper third, is the predominant blood supply to the superior SCM flap. But Frey syndrome can be identified by its distinctive clinical features.

Auriculotemporal Syndrome (Frey Syndrome).

Some of the current methods to prevent and treat symptomatic Frey syndrome are reviewed. There is sometimes pain in the same area, often of a burning nature.

Then, a starch sgndrome such as corn starch is applied over the iodine solution. Similar to the other types of local reconstruction, the efficacy data are mixed.


Auriculotemporal Syndrome (Frey Syndrome)

Generally, the symptoms are mild but can result in discomfort as well as social anxiety and avoidance. SUMMARY Despite the uncertainty of auricu,otemporal, the above-mentioned intraoperative preventative techniques are low risk and often can also be used to improve cosmetic outcomes. Frey syndrome affects males and females in equal numbers. The exact incidence of Frey syndrome is unknown. Cosmesis and quality of life. The most common reported cause of Frey syndrome is a surgical procedure called a parotidectomy the surgical removal of a parotid gland.

Otolaryngol Head Neck Surg. Treatment is symptomatic and directed toward relief of symptoms. Standard Therapies Treatment Although Frey syndrome can be mild and well-tolerated, in some individuals, it can cause excessive discomfort. However, if surgery for Frey syndrome is to be attempted, it should be only be used in cases that are refractory to conservative nonsurgical measures. Auuriculotemporal this represents an effective technique for the prevention of Frey syndrome, it does require an extended incision, which can generally be hidden in the hairline.

Otolaryngol Clin North Am. Because of this, any gustatory stimulus produces erythema and sweating instead of salivation.

Auriculotemporal nerve syndrome / Frey syndrome/Gustatory sweating

Treatment of postparotidectomy Frey syndrome with the interposition of temporalis fascia and sternocleidomastoid flaps. Sign in to access your subscriptions Sign in to your personal account. Mastication, which releases acetylcholine from the parasympathetic nerve endings, 36 now induces sweating and flushing, which was a sympathetic cholinergic aurjculotemporal before synkinesis of parasympathetic nerve fibers Fig.

Frey syndrome, Gustatory sweating, Parotidectomy, Botulinum A toxin. Synonyms of Frey Syndrome auriculotermporal syndrome gustatory sweating.


More recent studies, which objectively measured flap thickness and assessed Frey syndrome by clinical symptoms as well as starch-iodine testing, have failed to demonstrate a reduction in the incidence of Frey syndrome with increased flap thickness.

ADM is a soft tissue matrix graft that is generated by decellularization of tissue that results an intact extracellular matrix. Support Center Support Center. Laryngoscope Jul; 7: In a limited number of studies that have investigated its effectiveness at preventing Frey syndrome, there are limited data that suggest it is effective in reducing both objective and clinical measures of Frey syndrome.

Auriculotemporal nerve syndrome / Frey syndrome/Gustatory sweating

The symptoms of Frey syndrome can include flushing, sweating, burning, neuralgia, and itching. During the process of healing the regenerating parasympathetic fibers intended for parotid may be misdirected and join the sympathetic fibers in auriculotempodal great auricular nerve, which supplies sweat glands and blood vessels. If the treatment is unsuccessful, then consider surgery.

General Discussion Summary Frey syndrome is a rare disorder that most often occurs as a result of surgery in the area near the parotid glands. Alone we are rare.

Frey syndrome is a postoperative phenomenon following salivary gland surgery and less commonly neck dissection, facelift aueiculotemporal, and trauma that is characterized by gustatory sweating and flushing.