Z, Payment Group Next Number, UBE R76BES NN 04/06, This UBE generates a unique identifier for the flat file and assigns a next number from 04/ Appendix: (BRA) Fields for Flat Files for Ato COTEPE 11 of This appendix discusses: Sum of fields: [(09+10+11) − (04+05+06+07+08)]. E update-of-paf-ecf-according-to-ato-cotepe-icmsfromfor

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Before using electronic banking, you must set up UDCs that the system uses to process inbound and outbound automatic receipts.

Setting Up UDCs for Brazil

From a value that you set up in the Ato Cotepe Block Setup program. Z Customer Postal Code 3 digit The value for the attribute varies, depending on the processing options: Industry This field is completed from a iccms that you enter in the Ato Cotepe 11 Constant Setup program. The value in the Invoice Number field in ixms F03B11 table.

Fixed value of H Model of the fiscal document. The city code associated with the address book number as set up in the Supplemental Database program P Codes Description 01 Description 02 25 26 25 26 27 28 27 28 27 For inbound notas fiscais, if the nota fiscal is within the date range as determined by FB. Set up the category codes as shown in this table: Verification end date from a value that you enter in the Ato Cotepe Administ Process program.

Before you can work with Supplier Withholding, you must set up UDCs that the system uses to process it. For NFe transactions, the system uses one of these codes, depending on how the nota fiscal for a sales transaction is created: If the Bank processing option does not have a value, 01 is used.


Cotepr Content in SCN. If the Bank processing option has a value, that value is used. The system uses the codes when it calculates income tax for an individual who has provided a service that is included on a nota fiscal.

You can set up address book and item category codes for use in Brazilian tax calculations. Embed this content in your HTML. Bom dia a todos!

Use the special handling code to specify this tax information:. I tried to search for solutions via google but not successful.

If the transaction nature codes do not exist in this UDC table, then the system assumes that the transaction is for services. The system uses the values in this table when processing import information. You must set up the percentage for each state so that the cptepe calculates the ICMS differential sharing amount of the destination state and thereby of the origin state.

Not all of the information required in this block resides in the J. Record types identify the components in the flat files that you use to electronically transfer banking data.

SCN : All Content – All Communities

The data for the attribute varies, depending on whether you are using the payment or receipt process: Set up send transaction status codes to indicate the status of the duplicata that you send to the bank that is responsible for collecting the Accounts Receivable invoices. Therefore, you set up this UDC table with the numeric value in the Special Handling Code field for each of the alphabetical status codes that are used in the NFe process.

Address number of the inventory owner from field 2 of the register for block 0. You can also use this code to indicate whether the tax can be recovered for a transaction. The system first searches for a code with a specific general ledger class in the last cotwpe fields for example, EXPIN30, where IN30 is the item general ledger class. These values are hard-coded in the system:. You set up UDCs to define the taxes that apply to items and services, the rate of the taxes, and other information required by the system.


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Can you please advise me? C for accounts payable vouchers and accounts receivable invoices P for accounts payable payments R for accounts receivable receipts. Block 0 includes information about the reporting company. For example, you can set up these state and province codes for Brazil: The system uses the values in this UDC table when you associate fiscal city codes with address book records.

This information is relevant when generating NFC-E notas fiscais Electronic fiscal notes for operations with end consumers. Set up this UDC table to display the veicTransp x18 tag in the XML output for an intrastate transaction, which depends on the special handling code. If the processing option for Boleto Emitter is set to Company 2the attribute value is determined like this: L3 Production and Stock Control.

For each segment in a line sequence, this UBE resets the counter to zero.

For inbound transactions, F76B I’m facing a common error but unfortunately after search on the forum and trying some solutions it did not work yet.