Common Name(s): Goncalo Alves, Tigerwood, Jobillo. Scientific Name: Astronium spp. (A. graveolens and A. fraxinifolium). Distribution: From Mexico southward. Astronium graveolens. Family: Anacardiaceae. click to print or download the file format. Goncalo Alves. Other Common Names: Palo de cera, Palo de. Astronium graviolens is a tropical to sub-tropically occurring species of flowering tree, occurring from the Yucatan region of Mexico southward through Central.

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Leave A Comment Cancel reply Comment. Blake Astronium gracile Engl. Fibers with simple to minutely bordered pits.

From the 32 Anacardiaceae genera 82 species are known to cause contact dermatitis because of the presence of phenolic compounds Aguilar and Sosa, Paling Fence Pickets 4 asteonium Estudo dendrologico e determinacao das caracteristicas fisicas e mecanicas da bicuiba. Further investigations are necessary to determine the antibacterial activity of these compounds, either pure or combined, gravellens establish the possible mechanism of action of the most active compound to combat resistant human pathogens.

Grain Grain varies, it is straight to wavy or interlocked.

GONçALO-ALVEZ, JOBILLO (Astronium graveolens)

From its fresh leaves it has been reported the presence of trans-ocimene as main volatile compound showing repellent activity against Acromyrnex lundi Chen and Wiemer, Archived from the original on Retention indices were yraveolens relative to C 8 -C 24 n -alkanes, and compared with values reported in the literature Sandra, Color tends to darken with age.


When fresh, the heartwood of Astronium graveolens is astroniium or orange-brown with variable width stripes of medium to dark brown. Frames 16 – Woods of the World. Vivien Hall February 10, at 6: Brendan McCormick February 18, at 9: The authors would like to thank Dr.

General Housing 10 – Silica in Timbers. Bacterial strains and antibacterial assays: The carrier gas was helium at 1.

Grain can be straight, but is usually wavy or interlocked.

Analysis of the essential oil by GC-MS allowed the identification of twenty-six compounds Ornaments 31 – Embassy of Colombia in Japan. It is a really beautiful wood with a nice chatoyance to it! Scientific Name Synonyms Astronium planchonianum Engl.

Astronium graveolens – Azuero Earth Project

Vessel-ray pits larger than the intervessel pits. The leaves are alternate and pinnate, with five to seven oblong or obovate leaflets with pointed tips.

I am new to woodturning and I just used this wood to make a tea-light holder. Jr Gentleman in Goncalo Alves. Most important, considering A. Goncalo Alves has excellent weathering properties, and xstronium rated as very durable regarding decay resistance.


Prismatic crystals in the ray cells. The flowers are hermaphrodite, small, yellowish-green in axillary or terminal panicles. The identity of the oil components was established from their GC retention indices, by comparison of their MS spectra with those of standard compounds available in the laboratory, and by a library search Nist, 05 Sandra, ; Adams, Leave this field empty. It turns a very nice pen as well.

Astronium graveolens Scientific classification Kingdom: Finishing No grain filling is required to obtain a smooth finish. The timber becomes darker after exposure to the air and the stripes become nearly black. It is reported to be easy to moderately difficult to air season, drying is rated as moderate to rapid.

The essential oil composition of A.