In this week’s ESOblog post she tells us about her role in creating the AstroCalendar, a database of astronomical events that brings the past. Implementation: This use case will be implemented by the AstroCalendar module of D2D. AstroCalendar is a project of ESO, for the ESO Supernova Planetarium. Astronomical Calendar for October: Link >>> com/astrocalendar/html#oct. The current month’s.

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Furthermore, the lecturer is supplied with background information concerning the event, such as the times of key milestones. It happens too fast for a press release to appear, but a blog contains a link to a high-resolution video of the Chelyabinsk event.

Creating and maintaining the ESO Supernova involves so many people, including professional astronomers, planetarium show producers, exhibition designers, and people who create hands-on activities.

The outermost ring displays the date, the middle ring the month, and the innermost ring the day of the week — the leap year indicator is actually housed on astrocalendqrium movement itself, as the information is not necessary on a daily basis.

The increment per year means the growth of new data items per use case per year.

Federation of Astronomical Societies

Rather than bringing the latest science into the dome hours or even minutes after it is published, new data is typically presented days or even weeks thereafter — and often never, as there are so many barriers. The 20 MB data package is marked for download and can be played back after some seconds. Press Releases — — — — Announcements Stars ESO New on eso. Subscribe Contact Site Map. It is also great for planning a trip so you can avoid all the hassles. Not this perpetual calendar.


Throughout the planning, we focused on the Supernova values: In about ten minutes, you will know how to check if you should be keeping a low profile or coming out more in the limelight, when you should publish astrocalendariium book and when you should focus on your health. Around 10 Increment per year: Talking Watches With Fred Savage.

They arrive at the planetarium and through a news feed find out everything interesting happening in the sky astrocapendarium day, as well as lots of historically interesting events. Some of these items may be under embargo and will only be shown when they are public.

The following are use astrocqlendarium which are astrocalendariium being implemented by Content Providers. This use case will be implemented by the AstroCalendar module of D2D.

Around Increment per year: You can go back in time to the day you were born and any date after that to get a great insight on all the important events which happened in your life.

It is another beast of a movement from Carole Forestier-Kasapi and her team at Cartier’s fine watchmaking department. Within hours a human curator finds the press release interesting and features it. It is based on your date, time and place of birth and shows the Moon Transits and their meanings in your specific chart on a daily basis.


Every morning, planetarium presenters around the world will be able to access a menu to select interesting news and fresh datasets — news, sky event data, historical event data and more see the use cases below — and mark the full datasets and metadata up for download for possible inclusion in show segments during the day. Astrocalendariuj the Description Tab for Details and choose the number of people from the pulldown menu.

Meta-feed The Content Providers publishes a meta-feed.

Would you say that the ESO Supernova is in a unique position to communicate astronomy? The associated assets images, flat videos and fulldome videos are downloaded, automatically distributed to all render nodes of the planetarium system and available for instant presentation. Asset is displayed on domes worldwide hours after the event. The reason for this is that most perpetual calendars use a series of levers and springs to store up power and advance the indicators.


The Rotonde de Cartier Astrocalendaire is a limited edition of only numbered pieces. The second use of the AstroCalendar database is as a touchscreen in the Astrocalenddarium Supernova, which any visitor can use to explore current events as well as historical ones.

Please follow and like us: Due to its importance and actuality the asset soars in the ranking. Then, we move away through the rest of the unknown, mysterious Universe, asteocalendarium an adventure through space and through human exploration.

Pre-SIHH Introducing The Rotonde de Cartier Astrocalendaire (Live Pics & Pricing) – HODINKEE

Astronomy is a dynamic discipline, with new adtrocalendarium releases, images, videos and data being published every day. Soon after to be determined by the vendor the news will appear in the the D2D presenter menu under News.

For a watch of this size, it sits reasonably well on the wrist, though I don’t see this sliding under a cuff under any circumstances. This feeds contains generic information about the content provider name, logo, description, etc. The perpetual calendar indicators are a bit nontraditional on this watch, with retrograde days at 6 o’clock and date around the perimeter of the dial.