Product Description Determines the water vapor content of gaseous fuels by measurement of the dew point temperature, followed by calculation of the water. Hi, I´m just needing the ASTM D Standard Test Method for Water Vapor Content of Gaseous Fuels by Measurement of Dew-Point Temperature I´m just. accordance with ASTM D Hydrocarbon Dew point is dependent on pressure, temperature and the composition of the gas. The heavier compounds will.

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Pharmaceutical laboratory apparatus stability chambers, tablet disintegration, tablet dissolution, tablet hardness, V-blenders, Product Description Determines the water vapor content of gaseous fuels by measurement of the dew point temperature, followed by calculation of the water vapor content.

Best results in distinguishing multiple component dew points are obtained when they are not too closely spaced. It can also condense and freeze or form methane hydrates causing blockages.

Water—vapor content also affects the heating value of natural gas, thus influencing the quality of the gas. Type text as it appears:: It is the responsibility of the user of this standard to establish appropriate safety and health practices and determine the applicability of regulatory limitations prior to use.


Lab Equipment for Sale: Conforms to the specifications of: Note 1 — Some gaseous fuels contain vapors of hydrocarbons or other components that easily condense into liquid and sometimes r1142 with or mask the water dew point. With this attachment it is possible, in some cases, to observe separate condensation points of water vapor, hydrocarbons, and glycolamines as well as ice points.

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Excess water vapor can cause corrosive conditions, degrading pipelines and equipment. What are your requirements.

Asm request a quote. General Use laboratory apparatus balances, baths, blenders, centrifuges, chart recorders, freezers, fume hoods, furnaces, glassware washers, glove boxes, d112, moisture testing, ovens, pumps, shakers, vacuum equipment, water purification However, if the dew point of the condensable hydrocarbons is higher than the water vapor dew point, when such hydrocarbons are present in large amounts, they may flood the mirror and obscure or wash off the water dew point.

Email Us or call toll-free: Looking for a specific close-up? This test method permits the determination of water content of natural gas.

Koehler K32240 Dew Point Apparatus

Petroleum Products and Biofuel lab apparatus baths, calorimeters, color measurement, density meters, flash point, hydrogenators, oil testing, penetrometers, surface tension, vapor pressure, viscometers and rheometers, Historical Version s – view previous versions adtm standard Translated Version s: The thermometer is inserted into the mirror support structure, providing the temperature of the “target mirror.


When this occurs, it is sometimes very helpful to supplement the apparatus in Fig. What are your specifications? Historical Version s – view previous versions of standard.

Koehler K Dew Point Apparatus (ASTM D) | Labequip

At lower temperatures an ice point rather than a water dew point likely will be observed. The minimum dew point of any vapor that can be observed is limited by the mechanical parts of the equipment. Enter product namemake or model.

The chamber is chilled by refrigerant following through the outer cooling jacket, preventing any refrigerant contact with the test sample. Link to Active This link will always awtm to the current Active version of the standard.

What is your application? Right-click to open the PDF in a new window or download it: