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Designation: D – 02 Standard Test Methods for Measuring Adhesion by Tape Test1 This standard is issued under the?xed designation D. ASTM D Uploaded by. Leonardo Gonçalves. Loading Preview. Sorry, preview is currently unavailable. You can download the paper by clicking the. ASTM D Pull Off Test Standard. Uploaded by. vlong ASTM D MEK Test (Zinc Test). Uploaded by. vlong ASTM D Eng Cross-cut.

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Remove 33359-02 additional length at a steady that is, not jerked rate and cut a piece about 75 mm 3 in. These test methods were designed for relatively ductile coatings applied to metal substrates, not for coatings often brittle applied to plastic parts 7. It should be noted, however, that multitip cutters10 provide good results only on test areas sufficiently plane that all cutting edges contact the substrate to the same degree.


Precision and Bias 9. The central issues are that the test on plastics lacks reproducibility and does not relate to the intended application. Users of it should, therefore, check whether current material gives comparable results to previous supplied material. The conditions and time of exposure will be 3359-002 by ultimate coating use or shall astj agreed upon between the purchaser 3359–02 seller.


If the adhesion strength of the tape has not been determined, report the specific tape used and its manufacturer. Dhave advised this subcommittee that the properties of these tapes were changed. Last previous edition D — Discard cutting tools that develop nicks or other defects that tear the film. The unique functional requirements of coatings on plastic substrates cause the usual tape tests to be unsatisfactory for measuring adhesion performance in practice.

Apparatus and Materials 5. Adhesion is then rated by comparing? But this, in fact, is not their purpose. This standard is subject to revision at any time by the responsible technical committee and must be reviewed every?

ASTM International takes no position respecting the validity of any patent rights asserted in connection with any item mentioned in this standard. It is reasonable to state that at the present time no test exists that can precisely assess the actual physical strength of an adhesive bond.

If the adhesion strength of the tape has not been determined, report the speci? Originally published as D — For tests in the field, ensure that the surface is clean and dry.

Summary of Test Methods 3. After immersion, clean and wipe the surface with an appropriate solvent which will not harm the integrity of the coating. There generally is difficulty, however, in relating these tests to basic adhesion phenomena. Flaking and detachment worse than Grade 1. If this is not possible the test method should be used only for ranking a series of test coatings.


Procedure for X-CUT TAPE TEST METHOD-ASTM D3359-02

asfm Cohesive failure within the coating? Then dry or prepare the surface, or both, as agreed upon between the purchaser and the seller. If the substrate has not been reached make another X in a different location. It is not unexpected that different operators might obtain different results 7, 8.

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To ensure good contact with the? For coatings on soft substrates, issues include how deep should this cut penetrate, and is it possible to cut only to the interface? If the substrate has not been reached make another X in a different location. Do not attempt to deepen a previous cut as this may affect adhesion along the incision.

For tests in the? Precision and Bias 8 For large structures make sufficient tests to ensure that the adhesion evaluation is representative of the whole surface. NOTE 5—If desired or speci? Several factors that contribute to these differences include coating composition and topology: