ASTM-B, ASTM-B, Mil-CE. Services. Home · Electroless Nickel Plating · Copper Plating · Tin Plating · Silver Plating · Gold Plating · Line. ASTM B, “Auto Catalytic (Electroless) Nickel-Phosphorus Deposition on Metals for Engineering Use,” American Society for Testing and Materials, West. AMS C, Electroless Nickel Plating; AMS B, Electroless Nickel Plating, Low Phosphorus; ASTM B, Standard Guide for Autocatalytic Nickel-.

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To assure good performance of a Ni-P coating, the deposit quality must be inspected and evaluated during the chemical deposition process or in the end product.

The corrosion resistance of nickel-phosphorus Ni-P coatings and their mechanical properties in seawater have led inestigations into the development of new technologies and the replacement of astn special alloys in equipment used in oil production, such as valves, tubing, sucker rod joints, pumps, riser, manifolds and subsea Christmas trees.

These studies began aztm Brenner and Riddel who developed, in the s, formulations for Ni-P deposition on carbon steel without using an electric current.


Our extensive quality control measures throughout production include non-destructive testing in accordance with ASTM B to measure the thickness of the coating.

Electroless Nickel |

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At APP, we are committed to meeting or exceeding your expectations for your electroless nickel plating application through efficient, asmt processes, high quality control and superior customer service. MainierMaria P. Electroless nickel plating is used to apply precision coatings to complex shapes that require uniform coatings for both ID and OD surfaces.

Electroless Nickel Plating

astmm Accurate Precision Plating APP is a leading metal finishing services company, specializing in high quality, precision electroless nickel plating services for industrial applications.

Both high and medium phosphorus coatings offer superior corrosion resistance, hardness and wear resistance.

Joint deposition of nickel and phosphorus on a metallic surface carbon steel without applying an external current is accomplished using cathodic reduction with hydrogen H from a reducing agent sodium hypophosphite and nickel salts. They provide bright coating, with hardness of Rc that can be increased to Rc with heat treating.

Consumerism in American Society and the Role of Government. You can be assured your electroless nickel plating project will be completed to your exact specifications and to the tightest tolerance the first time and your part delivered to you production-ready.


Our staff’s superior customer service, attention to detail and commitment to quality produces the superior product that has built APP’s reputation in the industry.

The recommended test ashm are: They provide improved corrosion resistance, especially for salt water environments, over medium phosphorus coatings, but lower hardness and wear resistance.

B6656Juan M. The purpose of this paper was to investigate the Ni-P coating process, to evaluate the bhaviour of Ni-P in a saline environment using aqueous brine 3. APP offers electroless nickel plating services using high phosphorus and medium phosphorus coatings. It is used for shafts, piping, ducts, molds, dies, enclosures, bores and processing equipment.

Contact Accurate Precision Plating click to request a quote or call us at All our processes are certified to ISO Scientific Research An Axtm Publisher.