ASIS International Prince Street Alexandria, Virginia USA. Member Services: [email protected] + | fax + ASIS certification candidates. • Academic The Protection of Assets Manual ( POA) is the only reference covering the place, the POA saves time and extends . To find instructions for logging into the Protection of Assets Manual, use your :// ?url= Once you are logged in to the POA Manual, please take care not to.

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Each of us have our own way of learning, but below I’ll offer my own pka. Some assets protection managers think that when a contract security vendor is used and the outsourcing contract is properly drawn, most of the liability is shifted to the vendor.

You may like to follow what suits your current knowledge and aptitude. See the para below and notes extracted thereof as an example:. The test is about questions and you are allotted about three hours to complete the test at a testing facility e.

Moreover, there is enormous information that you have to register by cramming and there is no way around that i. Powered by Social Snap. You can use Quizlet to display Flashcards, develop tests multiple choice, fill in the blank, match and even play games using “Scatter” and “Gravity. The best approach is very much dependent upon learning style and the initial research however; one thing common to all aspirants is, that you will have to study a lot no matter how experienced and knowledgeable you are.

Please do spend some time studying the Certification Exam Handbook. Also, there are 6 Standards and Guidelines with wealth of information though sometimes, these can be frustrating to study because lots of references to articles, codes and laws may not be common to all learners.

This is now where the real work starts. But, with the background you already have with the above outlining efforts and your own professional experience, this will be time-consuming but not daunting. Skip to content Search for: Joining the group made me follow a discipline and track progress which is by far the most difficult part of independent study. Remember; POA is compiled and edited by industry veterans and does not necessarily always follow the curriculum design trends that you might have been following till date.


Books by ASIS International

This is the most crucial part of the study and results are proportional to the efforts that you spend in taking notes. Liability is obvious when the weapons are issued to proprietary officers. This document is a Pro Bono gesture to thank those who helped me gain my certification as well as a guide for those who are at the start point.

Now comes the truly hard work. Domains and Tasks Approach: Once you have a fair idea of what subjects are covered in which module, expanded through which standard and supported through which guideline, selection of your approach can be much easy. Quizlet really helped me with Flashcard preparation yes, you can print them and took the boredom out of the review process.

However, legal actions usually involve anyone remotely associated with a situation. I located about four and also built a few myself — which is great! Importance and relevance of professional certifications to the challenging job environment cannot be overemphasised though achieving certifications for true reasons and application of the knowledge can be deliberated to any length. Do not get tempted to see the flashcards or questions shared by various study groups; those are all very helpful but at the stage once you have been through the study reference material.

Review your outlines the day of the test and go for it! Also, at the end of each one of her chapters she included a few paragraphs called “Security Principles. ASIS Board certification useage update. It would be worth the time to study through the table of contents of each module and also repeat it few more times occasionally. This first step will help you to gain a broad view of where your studying will take you.


Posted by Infrastructure Security Blog at Instead, this Blog is really a “How To” prepare for the test using a process I developed after searching the Internet and reviewing any ASIS resources that could offer ideas. Therefore; I recommend once you have studied the entire material and taken your notes, do spend some time reading and referencing question banks available from various resources.

One needs to have fairly good knowledge of the concepts and understanding about what a task might entail. The first set of resources is listed on the ASIS site here. Last not the least; going through the study reference material once may not be sufficient unless the reader is exceptionally intelligent with tremendous retention ability.

POA Table of Contents

To be honest; I also paid to join a distance learning program as my mentor had developed a good frame work though I have changed that slightly. Newer Post Older Post Home. Each one of the books above I outlined the chapters using PowerPoint — the same way Asiz outlined the Guidelines. Remember, certification was one of the reasons for taking the study; keep reminding this aspect to yourself again and over. Furthermore; the approach recommended below is my personal opinion and by no means should be read as contradiction to what you have read elsewhere.

A second and perhaps third round will only help to reassure what you have retained earlier.