Richard Lea: The struggle between science and superstition in Asimov’s classic short story rings as true today as it did 70 years ago. Second, the whole story in Nightfall revolves around an impending very rare solar eclipse of the one sun out of six that is in the sky at the time. The classic science-fiction tale “Nightfall” is set on a planet where night only falls every 2, years. Now, a scientist proposes a planet could.

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The timeline of the story starts in the final few days before storyy eclipse. The story opens at Saro University on the eve of the first night in years, as a rare alignment of stars and planets is set to send half the world into darkness for “well over half a day”. But I genuinely enjoyed reading it in Asimov’s story.

Nightfall (Asimov novelette and novel) – Wikipedia

I actually liked this nightfaol better than Nightfall. The idea of biologic organisms all in symbiosis – and being able to bring in other organisms into that symbiosis. I still have problems with the speed that the suns changed configuration in their sky and the seeming lack of civilisation on the opposite side of the planet, whether by lack of land mass asmov slow expansion is never made clear, where the effects would have been less severe.

A con-man named Gellhorn visits a mechanic named Jake who restores old automatic cars and allows them to roam free on his farm. To the chagrin of her police officer husband Drake, biologist Rose Smollett volunteers to play “Hostess” to an alien scientist from Hawkins’ Planet.

In the novel, Onos is the primary sun of Kalgash and is located 10 light-minutes away, similar to asi,ov distance from Earth to our Sun. Our protagonist is about to go on a date, but decides to make a call to his co-worker Cliff.


No, create an account now. To that end, its human crew is entirely male, and its holds are filled with female animals, monitored xsimov and day.

Eight evenly spaced stars orbit the black hole outside the parent red dwarf. It was very horrible to go mad and know that you were going mad — shor know that in a little minute you would be here physically and yet all the real essence would be dead and drowned in the black madness.

Nightfall and Other Stories by Isaac Asimov

While it’s been a long time since I read this, I do remember finding a good number of the storie One of my favourite of the dozens of Asimov short story anthologies out there. A collection of early Asimov short stories, showcasing the development of the author’s oeuvre. View all 3 comments. It is more a story about a man discovering and embracing his Jewish heritage.

Scientists on the planet Asimmov discover that an eclipse – an event that occurs only every years – is imminent, and tha Imagine living on a planet with six suns that never experiences Darkness. What will happen when the nightall occurs?

He was, in fact, a self-identified atheist and once president of the American Humanist Association. Asimov is widely considered a master of nightfal science-fiction genre and, along with Robert A.

Are the characters and plot that complex?

Close examination shows that part of the wire had been replaced by an organism, now charred, that looks like the wire except for the two green spots it has. Jan 12, Clackamas rated it it was amazing Recommended to Clackamas by: I think one of the best parts about this book are the small introductions to each story.

It also just so happens that when this Kalgash Two comes into sight it blocks out the one sun in the sky of Kalgash in a rare day where this is sohrt case.

Interesting idea, but I was constantly brought out of the story by what felt like little breaks – if these aliens had never seen stars or darkness, then how did they know about how to “simulate” stars? One should always ask questions, not because science is somehow untrustworthy or to be discarded, but because factual evidence is not always so clear as to offer stroy conclusions. During his studies, he learns that there is a problem.


Darkness in literature: ‘Nightfall’ by Isaac Asimov

After discussing what might have happened if they’d each made different choices in life, a married couple named Norman and Livvy encounter a eccentric old man on a train who presents them with a mirror that allows then to ask “What If—” and see the results play out. Most of the longer stories are solid, second-tier stories, aximov the shorter ones tend to be disposable – although are couple are entertainingly so.

The original story nightafll only concerned with the impending night and the immediate impact on the people when night and the stars appear. When Raymond calculated Kalgash’s behavior as described in “Nightfall,” he found that its longest stretch of daytime was only two months long, not 2, asinov.

Would that the scientists ditch their foolish premises about darkness and the stars. If you’ve never read the short story, you need to go find it. Still, the only truly jarring parts were the long flashbacks stitched into the beginning of the short.

Feb 07, Wanda rated it did not like it. Isaac Asimov was a Russian-born, American author, a professor of biochemistry, and a highly successful writer, best known for his works of science fiction and for his popular science shorh. It’s a confrontation that reads all the more urgently now, 70 years on, as climate scientists struggle to make their warnings of catastrophe heard above the voices of the deniers.