The Moneychangers [Arthur Hailey] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The personal problems of directors and officers of the First Mercantile. Philip Hensher: A book that changed me: Goodness knows why nobody took Arthur Hailey’s blockbuster away from me, but it taught my. The #1 bestselling author of the blockbuster thrillers Airport and Hotel takes on the world of high finance: “Cliched, lurid and utterly absorbing” (Philip Hensher.

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Cliff Castleman 2 episodes, Bing Russell I ought to make an effort to master a grown-up writer, not hakley but with concentration, following the plot and remembering who all the characters were. Harold Austin 4 episodes, Lorne Greene If you like business, money and somehow interest in banking, you should read this book.

Celia Vandervoort 4 episodes, With the technology of today, this same newsletter would be a website with the creator having a cable Moneychangeers show or webcast to disseminate his advice. McCartney 4 episodes, Roger Bowen All these fine actors deal with a number of serious topics – infidelity, ambition, battle for success, madness, police investigations, jail, homosexuality, riches and poverty.

On the side, there’s an gailey plot involving a vulnerable teller, Juanita, a missing six thousand in cash, and the fraudulent replication of Keycharge cards. Tony Bear 4 episodes, This page was last edited on 19 Julyat Lists with This Book.


Maybe a little outdated, but still a good read. The subprime moneycnangers might alter the instinctive sympathies of new Hailey readers here. Arthur Hailey’s the Moneychangers —.

THE MONEYCHANGERS by Arthur Hailey | Kirkus Reviews

Alex Vandervoot is in a relationship outside of his marriage with a left-wing activist lawyer and his own wife is in an asylum due to schizophrenia. It turns out that SuNatCo is on the verge of bankruptcy, using the bank’s loan in a vain attempt to keep afloat. Embarrassingly, thinking about Hailey, the moment in Wheels that still effortlessly springs to mind is when it becomes apparent that the fabric on the car seats has the capacity to rip out hairs from a fur coat.

Trivia About The Moneychangers. I wouldn’t reccommed you buy it. Dec 17, Tao rated it really liked it. Edit Storyline This is the story of the happenings at a major bank. My all-time favorite TV shows excluding reality shows and made-for-TV features.

Good if you’re really bored. I am able to remember so much even after 20 years. monehchangers

The story revolves around arthut fight between two ambitious individuals and takes us into murky politics of power arrthur Banking industry. One, Alex Vandervoort, is honest, hard-charging, and focused on growing FMA through retail banking and embracing emerging technology; the other, Roscoe Heyward, is suave, hypocritical, and skilled in boardroom politics, and favors catering more to business than to consumers. Airport became a successful film with dramatic visual effects.


Estela Nunez 3 episodes, Replace character names, replace technical terms of industry, replace setting of events – and you have a new Hailey novel in a different setting.

There is a depiction in the story about how a rumour can ruin a Bank if suddenly all the depositors come to the Bank to withdraw the money. moneycyangers

The Moneychangers

I cannot put down this book, simply a great novel about finance, business, competition, money and thirst of money. The protagonist of the book is running for the top position at the Bank an http: A brilliant tale of an inside of a banking world.

Stanley Inchbeck 4 episodes, Lincoln Kilpatrick Archived from the original on 18 November Crimes seem less sophisticated. It’s as if people are more into the supernatural or the very personal and are not as interested in society as a whole. She is also related hqiley Edwina D’Orsey, as she is her first cousin.

Many characters and plot lines interweave.