Essay on the Inequality of Human Races: Arthur de Gobineau: (–55; Essay on the Inequality of Human Races), that was by far his most influential work. by Arthur de Gobineau, translated by Adrian Collins des races humaines (An Essay on the Inequality of the Human Races) (–) by. Such a true prophet was Count Arthur de Gobineau. .. THE INEQUALITY OF HUMAN RACES pondered these two truths, we shall find no further help, I repeat, .

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If they had been lucky on one day, the next would have seen their luck recoil on their “heads ; or they might have been merged in the Italian race by victory, as they were by defeat. There may be degrees of separation but not with wide enough of a purview that we are an entity onto ourselves. The light remained only for a short space ; and just as its absence had not caused death, so its presence did not bring life.

Joseph Arthur de Gobineau was born on July 14,in Ville-d’Avray, near ParisFranceinto an aristocratic royalist family that cherished loyalty to the House of Bourbon.

The needs and the pleasures of other peoples find ample satis- faction in its capitals, its great towns, and its ports ; while its myriad attractions cause many foreigners to make it their home. Account Options Sign in.

Full text of “The inequality of human races”

This digital version is a dog’s breakfast, a jumble of text and footnotes mixed mid-sentence and sprinkled liberally with meaningless characters. In Catholic Brittany, in the eighteenth century, a bishop had a long struggle with a village- people that clung to the worship of a stone idol.

The yellow man has little physical energy, and is inclined to apathy; he commits none of the strange excesses so common among negroes. Did the impious theories of the philosophers succeed at any time in reaching the masses?

The reaction was serious and general, and lasted till the world definitely passed into the arms of the Church. Thus we see the negroes of Hayti violently driving out the whites and forbidding them to enter their territory. To-day, every one talks of the ” national characteristics ” of the German, the Spaniard, the Englishman, and the Russian.

Tomislav rated it it was ok Jun 18, All that experience, unremitting study, and the living spirit of charity had taught the Jesuits, was now drawn upon ; they made un- tiring efforts to secure a quick, though lasting, success. Good Read for all races. They refuse, quite wrongly, to admit that certain qualities are by a fatal necessity the exclusive inheritance of such and such a stock.


In other words, though the nation bears the name given by its founders, the name no longer connotes the same race ; in fact, the man of a decadent time, the degenerate man properly so called, is a different being, from the racial point of view, from the heroes of the great ages.

The testimony of the facts is conclusive. Say, if you will, that Aspasia, at the end of her little suppers, and Laelius, in the company of his friends, made a virtue of mocking at the sacred beliefs of their country ; no one will contradict you.

About Joseph-Arthur de Gobineau.

Arthur de Gobineau

The Fathers were persuaded, as so many others have been, that barbarism occupies the same place in the life of peoples as infancy does in the life of a man ; and that the more rudeness and savagery a nation shows, the younger it really is.

Published January inequzlity by Howard Fertig first published In Oceania, the facts gobinrau to the same conclusions ; the natives are dying out everywhere. Martius and Spix, Reise in Brasilien, vol.

I do not know if the same thought has already struck the reader ; but in inequaliyt picture which I am presenting — and which in certain features is that of the Hindus, the Egyptians, the Persians and the Macedonians — two facts appear to me to stand out. More challenging, however, is understanding the weight that this publication had on the development of racial thought throughout the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries.

Society had succeeded in harmonizing its most discordant elements, and the state of morals was reasonably good. Instead, he left for Paris and worked different manual jobs to make a living. Our general’s feet are cased in carpet slippers. They have always forced their conquerors to become assimilated to them, and to respect their customs ; they gave much, and took hardly anything in return. The hidden causes of revolutions, bloody racse, and lawlessness.

I am not asking whether the judgments are true or not. The distinction drawn at the beginning of chap, The Spartans enjoyed a long life and the admiration of men merely owing to their laws, which were those of a robber-state. During the sixteenth century they largely prepared the ground on which, inthe Aquitanian supporters of Henry IV, less Celtic though still more Roman than themselves, laid the foundation stone of another and greater edifice of absolute power.


May 29, Lindsay rated it liked it Recommends it for: The real motive power rces keeps the machine going is a body of Protestant missionaries.

If You want to just relax and enjoy Yourself – buy this book and read it. In Narbonese Gaul the victory was easy, as the native population had been almost entirely replaced by Roman colonists. There is only huamn tribunal competent to decide rationally upon the general characteristics of man, and that is history — a severe judge, I confess, and one to whom we may well fear to appeal in an age so wretched as our own.

While clinging to the liberal dogma of human brotherhood, every nation has artjur managed to add to the names of others certain qualifications and epithets that suggest their unlikeness from itself. In the above list no negro race is seen inequqlity the initiator of a civilization.

Its oracles will speak in vain ; there will be births outside the caste-limits. He wrote that Aryans were brave, intelligentand strong, but had a weakness in creativity. Bartholomew’s day is not such a niequality memory as the massacre of the Armagnacs. Gobineau’s racial theories became popular in Germany after his death.

Essay on the Inequality of Human Races | work by Gobineau |

To give this racist polemic any more than two stars is impossible. Every one must have had some inkling of this colossal truth, for every one must have seen how certain agglomerations of men have descended on some country, and utterly trans- formed its way of life ; how they have shown themselves able to strike inequalityy a new vein of activity where, before their coming, all had been sunk in torpor.

But when Ferdinand the Catholic pro- mulgated against the Moors of Spain his terrible, though necessary, measures of destruction ; when Napoleon re-established religion in France, flattered the military spirit, and organized his power in such a way as to protect his subjects while coercing them, both these sovereigns, having studied and understood the special character of their people, were building their house upon a aryhur.

However ingenious these little hypo- theses may be, the testimony of fact is against them. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.