The hearings were known as the pujo investigation after the committee chairman, louisiana congressman arsene pujo. Apush the american pageant chapter The Pujo Committee was established in by Arsène Pujo, a member of the United States House of Representatives as well as the National. File:Arsene No higher resolution available. ( × pixels, file size: 25 KB, MIME type: image/jpeg).

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These early civic interests, however, helped to foster in Pujo those qualities that would be called forth when he broadened and multiplied his interests. Rice farmers tyype the Mermentau area needed the dam to keep salt water out of the upper part of the river, whereas small farmers and stock growers complained about repeated flooding caused by the dam. However, it seems these days that the function of government is to devise new methods of taking away from the people that which they have worked for instead of making their burdens as light as possible.

At the onset of World War I, trade contracted as foreign exchange markets became paralyzed by money market illiquidity. William Howard Taft, the man whom Roosevelt had chosen to succeed him in the White House, was elected President in Fournet, Calcasieu member of the state group. Retrieved from ” https: Member feedback about Charles Sanger Mellen: He maintained the people of the United States paid interest on bonds held by these national banks, but were denied the use of the real estate for loans from these institutions.


After a resolution introduced by congressman Charles Lindbergh Sr. Morgan gave when asked whether he disliked competition at the Pujo Committee.

Arxene article evaluating the effectiveness of the Socialist Party efforts in the state remarked: Monroe of New Orleans, chairman of the subcommittee. Sielcken admitted these firms had purchased part of the bonds, but denied any scheme was involved, saying the American firms were only being patriotic in helping an American neighbor.

Fordney of Michigan explained Philippine tariff payments were returned to the islands and the Philippines were therefore opposed to free trade. Adsene feedback about Jodhpur Park: On January 4,Pujo introduced yype bill which asked for the appropriation for the project. Perlman and Taft, p. I have not the communication before me, neither have I my answer thereto.

The bill, he said, was basing a currency on credits and bonds which would be issued, though not on the stock exchanges of the country, and the currency issued would go to New York and other large financial centers.

File:Arsene Pujo.jpg

It is impossible to overestimate the value of this water route to the territory surrounding Lake Charles or the part it will play in building up the manufacturing interests of Southwest Louisiana.

Miller, Leon Sugar, W.

He was named a delegate to the state nominating conventions in arrsene,and The counsel he Pujo has employed is proposing to milk the money power and the corporations that he is seeking to investigate.

Once acquainted with the law, he never forgot it. May 31, — June 24, was an American businessman and financier. The benefits that will be derived from this cheap transportation are foreshadowed by the fact that the North American Land and Timber Co. Following the first series of hearings, Pujo evaluated the accomplishment of the investigating committee in an article in the New York World.


Pujo gained national recognition when he served as chairman of the Money Trust Investigation of His veto was overridden, leaving the final choice of renewing the lottery license to the electorate.

File:Arsene – Wikimedia Commons

Standard Oil Refinery No. Banking and finance, two personal interests of Pujo, were to occupy much of his time, not only locally, but on the national level.

During the meeting, Pujo was appointed to a committee on rules to formulate policies for the government of the general state primary. The House was discussing puujo Lewis Bill, a bill authorizing national banking institutions to accept security on real estate for loans made by them. Pujo formally announced for re-election to Congress on July 18,in an article which listed his ranking in the House and cited the accomplishments of his first asene terms in office.

The monetary system in this country is not a political but a scientific question. Pujo refused to comment on the report because, he said, a vacancy did not yet exist.