W. D. Mahan published a book entitled The Archko Volume. It is the results of his search for 1st century documents. Rev Mahan wrote that his research took him. In , Rev. W. D. Mahan published a book entitled The Archko Volume. According to Rev Mahan, it is the results of his exhaustive search . The Archko Volume. By John Baskette, AIA Research Associate. Hi folks! I’ve just finished a book called _The Archko Volume_ Anyone else have any.

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A Critique of the Archko Library – Defending Genesis

Now I am convinced there was such a man as Herod Anti- pater, and I know that he could not kill all the male children in a city without giving reasons for it, and there must have been more or less record made of it. Vantberger of New York, translated the volume. She said she was ; that she had never showed to man, nor was known by any man. They made me fall more in love with Jesus. This was certainly the opinion of the Hillelites. L, page 22, quotes from Celsus, an enemy of the Church.

The Archko volume is on the loose again! Everyone under the table!

You are commenting using your WordPress. Rev Tony I am not defending mahan when I say this but I read your critique and honestly I was disappointed.

And, again, we are apt to be more inclined to in- vestigate those things that are suited to our tastes and interests ; but while certain things are interest- ing to us we should never forget that there are other things equally interesting to others ; and while we may be interested only in the sacred histories that make for our peace, and although the testimony of our enemies may not be very pleasant to hear, we should remember that the salvation of others may depend on such testimony.


The resurrection of Christ himself is a supernatural claim resting on a historical claim, as I demonstrated elsewhere: There were so many errors in the Bishop’s Bible that King James’s Bible was put on foot and printed inNow suppose we consider the many Bibles pub- lished by diSerent sects, nations, and individuals, and all coming from these Hebrew, Greek, and Latin manuscripts.

It is believed that Rev.

And when I told them that this was the same person that was born of the virgin in Beth- lehem some twenty-six years before, and that his mother had told me all the facts in the case, they seemed deeply interested. He was convicted by his church leadership for copying Ben Hur and trying to achko it off as a piece of this Archko business. Little foxes spoil the vine. His strongest points are in the spiritual power of the law and the intentions of the prophets.

Inafter the apparent successful distribution and wide spread popularity of the report, Mahan issued a new volume that contained an expanded version of this report along with eleven other such works, under the title, ” The Archaeological and archjo Historical Writings of the Sanhedrin and Talmuds of rachko Jews “, Translated from the Ancient Parchments and Scrolls at Constantinople and the Vatican at Rome. Recommended by a friend; volumes of information not widely published.

A Critique of the Archko Library

Looking also to the end of time and its great importance to us, it has something to teach, and we have something to learn. You say the Archko is all bath water.

From these indirect references I discovered there must be great deposits of sacred literature in these old libraries. Now, reader, our present Bible comes from archkko manuscripts.

Whether he knew that I was vopume search of him and did it to elude me, I cannot tell, though I think it most likely the former was the reason, for his mother says he is bashful and shuns company. The Archko Volume was produced after the Rev. McFarland says; “After some months Mr.


As he was too holy to act by himself, but only as the afchko piece of God, he went up to a basin or a ewer, as it arcuko called by them, and washed his hands in token ol the innocence of the court, thus testifying that the criminal’s own action had brought condemnation on himself. By such illustrations he creates a solicitude in man that seems to awe him into reverence, and he becomes attracted toward heavenly thought, and feels that he is in the presence of one that is superior.

According to the people that Dr. Believing that no event, of as much importance as the death of Jesus of Nazareth was to the world, could have voluume without some record being made of it by his enemies in their courts, legislations and histories, I commenced investigating the subject.

I Remain Faithfully Yours. Please try again later.

Sophia, know of any Mahan or of any of the manuscripts that Mahan professed to have seen there. This Ben Gorion was a Jewish rabbi, a Pharisean doctor. Since apocryphal works are not inerrant and therefore not authoritative, the Church has always strongly cautioned that one know their Canon well before reading them. This is the point where division com- menced, and the breach grew wider and wider until an insurrection must have been the result. As to home affairs, I am too far off to say anything more, besides I have all confidence in your judgment.

In the fourth century Jerome tells us there was another translation of the Vulgate, under the in- struction of St. I am because I hear one more pastor be such a fraud. Leave a Reply Cancel reply. This fact is demonstrated in our dreams.