Buy Traveller: Aramis The Traveller Adventure by Marc Miller (ISBN: ) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday low prices and free delivery on. Aramis: The Traveller Adventure (MGP) [Marc Miller] on * FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. At the very fringe of the Imperium, in a. We will start with Character Generation here in this thread. Mongoose Traveller 1e is OGL, so this is mostly what I will be using and we won’t.

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Page 1 of 3 1 2 3 Last Adbenture to page: Results 1 to 30 of Thread Tools Show Printable Version. Mongoose Traveller 1e is OGL, so this is mostly what I will be using and we won’t have to worry as much about everyone having the correct book or me sharing information that isn’t allowed to be shared. Basic character generation uses the following steps. Roll characteristics and determine characteristic modifiers.

You cannot choose a career you have already left. Roll to qualify for that career. If you qualify for that career, go to Step 4. If you do advenrure qualify for that career, then you can go to the Draft or enter the Drifter career.

The Draft can put you back into a career you have been forced to leave, at your old rank. You can only apply for the Draft once.

Aramis: The Traveller Adventure eBook

If this is your first time on this career, get your basic training. Choose a specialization for this career. Choose one of the Skills and Training tables for this career and roll on it. Roll for survival on this career. If you succeed, go to Step 7. If you did not succeed, then events have forced you from this career.

Travel,er on the Mishap table, then go to Step 9.

Aramis: The Traveller Adventure eBook

Optionally, establish a Connection with another player character. Roll for Advancement b. If you succeed, choose one of the skills and training tables for this career and roll on it. Increase your Rank and take any bonus skills from avventure Ranks table for this career. If you roll less than the number of terms spent in this career, you must leave this career.

Military characters Army, Navy, Marines can roll for commission instead of rolling for advancement. Increase your age by 4 years. If your character is 34 or older, roll for Aging. If you are leaving the career, roll for Benefits. If you have left your current career, then go to Step 3 to choose a new career, or to Step 12 if you wish to finish your character. Otherwise, go to Step 5. Arajis any Connections with other characters. Purchase starting equipment and, if you can afford it, a spacecraft.


Physical co-ordination and agility, reflexes. Intelligence is used in a great many skill checks. Education is also used in a great many skill checks. Characters with a high Social Standing can claim a noble title in the Imperium and will find life much easier thanks to their reputation and contacts.

A formal education gives you a basic level of competence in various sciences and academic disciplines. Any character may choose from the following list: GM I will ask to continue the Navy Officer career path generation when I have the next opportunity to be at a PC but I am out of town for the next 5 daysnot sure when I will get access during that time.

Last edited by samduke; at The Traveller Adventure Str: Industrial Trade 0 Background: Vacc Suit, Drive Age 18 Career: Qdventure for a book worm educated as opposed to natural talent of a doctor from a decent family. Alas I can’t find my traveler books Mongoose 1E right?

I just moved about a month ago and they are packed in some boxes Last advemture by Therumancer; at The only thing that exists is the way people relate, interact and affect each other, and how that expands throughout the world.

There should never be an end to a tale. Advocate 0, Language 0 Career: Last edited by Q’telun; at The Traveller Adventure Training: Service Skills 1d6 [ 4 ] Advancement Benefit: Free Trader 1d6 [ 1 ] Survival: At least we aren’t using ironman rules, I guess. Free Trader 1d6 [ 4 ].

The Traveller Adventure Mishap: Gain them as an Enemy. The Traveller Adventure Benefits: Other 1d6 [ 2 ] Third Term: Age 26 Rogue Qualification: Pirate Specialization 1d6 [ 2 ] Survival: Personal Development 1d6 [ 3 ] Mustering Out: Cash 1d6 traveler 6 ] Cr.

The Traveller Adventure Looks good Q’telun.

Aramis (SM 3110) (world)

Therumancer, give me a 1d6 roll and I can tell you what skills you got. I also need another 2d6 roll for the event you get. Otherwise you qualified and survived your first term, but did not advance. The Traveller Adventure GM i am presuming that we are going to age 34 with generation before play Originally Posted by advwnture.


The Traveller Adventure Time to get some characteristics on the board to play with. Last edited by EarthenRite; at The Traveller Adventure Attempting to enter the Navy and pursue an officer commission Enlistment: The Traveller Adventure EarthenRite, it seems you have the books, as you know what skills you got for your basic training, but avdenture to be clear. Finally you get Tactics naval as an Officer Skill.

Flight 1d6 [ 1 ] Term 6 Officer Skills 1d6 [ 2 ] Ageing 2d6 [ 8 ].

Officer Rank 5 Bonus benefit rolls: The Traveller Adventure My character short of misc equipment should be ready Spoiler. Gain Pilot any 1. Something good happens to the character; he comes into money unexpectedly, has a lifelong dream come true, gets a book published or has some other stroke of good fortune.

Maneuver 0, library 0. The Traveller Adventure Term 2 Continue on with my naval career Skill on Specialist: You are blamed for an accident that causes the death of several crew members. If you were responsible, then you gain one free roll on the Skills and Training table before you are ejected from this career as your guilt drives you to excel.

If you were not, then gain the officer who blamed you as an Enemy, but you keep your benefit roll from this term.

You can roll for your mustering out benefits you get 2 rolls: You may get 1 more roll depending on how you choose to handle your mishap above. Choose to roll on Cash or Other Benefits for each roll and roll 1d6 for each.

You get Gun Combat any training, but aeventure survive the term: The Traveller Adventure alright well that changes things. Gain one of Recon 1, Diplomacy 1, Steward 1 or a Contact. My character short of misc equipment should be ready Spoiler.

Originally Posted by Therumancer. Good Deeds Gone Unpunished! Scott The New World, Part 9: All times are GMT The time now is