Application for general tourists to visit Australia for tourism or other recreational activities Form 48R Important Please read this information carefully before you. Who should use this form? Use this form if you are outside Australia to apply for a visa to visit Australia for tourism or other recreational activities. (holiday. form 48R. • If you intend to apply for a Sponsored Family Visitor visa you should use form 48S. • If you intend visiting Australia for medical treatment you.

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They are nevertheless correct! Detailed instructions on how to complete your Australia Visa application are contained in the form itself. Keep it for future reference as it also contains the conditions of your visa.

The processing time for complete Tourist Visa applications lodged at our office in Nauru is 15 days. Please note that you must not apply more than 12 months before your intended date of travel. To assist in processing your visa application, tourissm ensure that you provide complete information at time of lodgement.

To be granted a Tourist Visa, you must have a genuine reason to visit Australia, have access to adequate funds to support yourself during your stay, and not intend to seek medical treatment or work in Australia.


Your decision will be delivered to you by Aramex in approximately 10 days fee JOD2 cash on delivery. Business visitors For persons attending a conference or business meetings in Australia: Originals of all photocopied documents must be sighted at time of lodgement. If your application does not contain all the required documents as per the checkist below, aplpication is likely that processing will take tourrism.

More information on getting a visa for Australia. For persons receiving or accompanying a person receiving medical treatment in Australia: See all reader pages applicstion questions about Australia visa and work issues Write your own page. Skip to main content Text size. The authorised person will need to provide photographic identification when making collections.

This site uses Australian English, because that’s what Australians use. You need it to prove to employers that you are indeed allowed to work in Australia.

Nauru – Visitor

More information about Tourist Visa eligibility requirements is available at www. If you are booking through a travel agency get them to organise your ETA for you.

Words like for example “travelling” or “colour” might look unfamiliar to you. If you checked the requirements and believe you are eligible you can apply for your Working Holiday Visa online.

Australia Visa Application

If you want to stay for more than three months you can apply for an Australia Tourist Visa online here. Most airlines offer the same service.


The documents you provide will help us to determine your legal eligibility for a visa. Processing time ; Eligibility and Checklist.

You will need to complete an Aramex Domestic Waybill at time of lodgement. Powered by Site Build It!

You can lodge your application via mail or in person at your nearest Australian Embassy, High Commission or Consulate. You will receive a written notification in the mail. We will not respond to status enquiries within this time. Who can get an Australian working holiday visa?

Each applicant in a group must therefore submit all the documents in the checklist below. For tourists and persons visiting family in Australia: Medical treatment For persons receiving or accompanying a person receiving medical treatment in Australia: You must therefore submit all the documents in the checklist below applicable to you when you lodge your application.

Australia welcomes genuine visitors for business and tourism, for family visits and pre-arranged medical treatment, where adequate funds are available and the proposed period of stay is temporary only. Download and print Form Any applicable charges need to be paid as or before the application is lodged. Information about Australian working visas for people over