Smith Wigglesworth (8 June – 12 March ), was a Spirit-filled evangelist who was important in the early history of Pentecostalism. Wigglesworth was. The Life and Faith Story behind the Apostle of Faith and revivalist Smith Wigglesworth. Smiths life should be inspiration for us all!. Smith Wigglesworth was called the apostle of faith. Find out more about this amazing man of faith and how he influenced the world.

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Inactivity is a robber which steals blessings.

This consecration to trust God seemed to bring a new order in our lives. I had just come from Bradford, where the Apotsle of God was working mightily.

Smith Wigglesworth – The Apostle Of Faith

I looked to the Lord, and He surely helped me in everything. At eighteen Smith left the factory and became a plumber. First the Blade II. I do not mean His carpentering; I mean His ministry to the people. Jason D’Souza rated it liked it Oct 18, He was a steam-fitter.

Smith Wigglesworth: Apostle Of Faith by Stanley H. Frodsham

She was filled with the joy wigglewworth the assurance that all her sins were washed away. She would have me try again, but it always ended the same way. You know our arrangement is that when we know we have received a home-call, only then to save each other the embarrassment of having an inquest and the condemnation of outsiders, would we call a physician.

That is all I can say. I was the same. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

And so the first things I heard smihh false reports. Jesus has a life force to put in us that will change everything that we dare to believe it will change.


Why should you pick me out and talk to me? God cannot bring anyone into blessing and into full co-operation with Him except through testings and trials. Please tell me where I can get some. She was healed and there was only a scar the wigglesworth day.

Smith Wigglesworth: Apostle of Faith

This meant heavy financial losses to him, but he gave it up as a matter of principle. But after that, I felt I should leave for my home, and I went to the Episcopal vicarage to say good-bye. Without human refinement and education he was able to tap into the infinite resources of God to bring divine grace to multitudes. I delighted to be with these earnest Salvation Army people. One of these was a man from Scotland who hobbled on a pair of crutches. They are receiving the Holy Spirit at Sunderland and speaking in other tongues.

They laid their hands on me. I looked to the Lamb of Calvary. My house is full of trouble. I told the people that they could be healed without coming to the platform. Please do not put me out. Smith has various church experiences as he was growing up. His message was simple: Page not found Life’s Little Slices.

You are commenting using your Facebook account. At first he said nothing to Mrs. He anointed himself with oil according to James 5.

One day a major in the Army drove to the home where she was working and asked if she would go with her to Leith in Scotland to help start a new work. Many had been prostrated, slain by the power of God the night before I left for Sunderland. In it he found an outlet for the consuming passion for the unsaved, and he had a joyous satisfaction in watching the lives of many men and women change by the power of the Gospel.


Our Greatheart, then a young man, was in the audience. Matt Judkins rated it really liked it Jun 19, I could see that the lady of the house was very restless.

Smith Wigglesworth: Apostle Of Faith

This was ever the attitude of Smith Wigglesworth from the early days of his Christian experience. My wife and I saw that we could not go just half-measures with God. One Sunday a violent pain apoxtle me and brought me down to earth.

Theyear is known as that of the great Irish revival. One day a man came to the house. Her evangelistic zeal never abated, nor her prayer life. Whatever there is in your life that is bound, the name of Jesus, through faith aposhle His name, shall break it loose. Clark, you seem downcast today. I have proved the God who is enough. I do not recollect what I said, but I know I was possessed with a mighty zeal, a burning desire to get people to know my Saviour.

Once forbidden to lay hands on congregation members by the governmental authorities in Sweden, he told people to put hands on themselves.