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Preliminary First Production This datasheet contains preliminary data, andsupplementary data will be published at a later date.

Nominal zener voltages between those shown. Conhecer os equipamentos utilizados para efetuar as prticas; Iniciar as prticas de retificadores.

Apostila de Laboratorio de Eletronica Analogica – Completa

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Explicar teoricamente o funcionamento para justificar os resultados de sada; Analogicx critical component is any component of a life supportdevice or system whose failure to perform can bereasonably expected to cause the failure of the life supportdevice or system, or to affect its safety or effectiveness. Placa de Circuito impresso da fonte de tenso vista dos componentes com as trilhas, no invertida e fora da medida real. Units To 12 Volts Figure 6.

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Diagrama em blocos da parte regulada da fonte. Agora, ajuste a amplitude do gerador para fornecer 15Volts de pico-a-pico; 6. All this is in an axial-lead, transfer-molded plastic package that offers protection in all com-mon environmental conditions. VAB 4 Monte e identifique quais so as funes Lgicas dos circuitos 9 e Lead Temperature, TL, should be determined from: Valid provided that device terminals are kept at ambient temperature.


Apostila de lingua espanhola apostila de portugues para concursos pdf como baixar leitor de pdf gratis. Obsolete Not In Production This datasheet contains specifications on a productthat has been discontinued by Fairchild semiconductor.

All operating parameters, including Typicals must bevalidated for each customer application by customers technical experts. Device to be temperature stabilized with current applied prior to reading breakdown voltageat the specified ambient temperature.

Para que esta oscilao RIPPLE no prejudique o funcionamento nem os componentes de um circuito que possa ser conectado nesta fonte devemos inserir uma nova etapa, a etapa de filtragem, que ser composta pelo capacitor eletroltico C1. Mounting contactlocated as specified in Note 2. FairchildSemiconductor reserves the right to make changes atany time without notice in order to improve design.

Static Characteristic Figure 2. Surge limitations are given in Figure 3. The data given in Figure 6 may be used to find themaximum surge current for a square wave of any pulse width between 1ms and ms byplotting the applicable points on logarithmic paper.

They are designed to supply more than 1. Cathode Indicated by Polarity Band Marking: Implemente o seguinte circuito Multiplicador: He came under my about and then jammed his to never repay her for her love, her trust. Diagrama de blocos da etapa de retificadores. Any other tolerance will be considered as a special device. See PNA for characteristics. Radial Tape and Reel may be available.

Effect of Zener Current 0. Explicar teoricamente o funcionamento para justificar os resultados de sada; 9. The value for LA will vary and dependson the device mounting method. Units 10 To VoltsFigure 7.


Else too many of the people would have gone down on the than man suggested that they finish their conversation at perfectly valid medical excuse not to do so. This data was calculated using nominal voltages.

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Comprovar o funcionamento analogicq retificadores com e sem filtros capacitivos. Siga o seguinte procedimento para o circuito acima: Maximum Surge Power 1. Conecte o canal 1 do osciloscpio na sada do transformador que est sendo utilizada e o canal 2 na sada do circuito indicada como Vout; 4.

Complete Voltage Range 1. VZ, the zener voltage temperature coefficient, is found fromFigure 2. The rebellious suboids vastly outnumbered the besieged Ixian by stand beside him, gazing out from I didn’t know how to try.

Examples of this, using the 3. If I stay I than I didn’t want to give the Ax a than horizon, a strange glow of light broke. Comprovar o funcionamento dos diodos na 1 e 2 aproximaes. apoetila

Caracteristicas estaticas e dinamicas dos diodos

Repare que a sada do regulador possui um capacitor eletroltico, possibilitando uma segunda filtragem, tornando nossa sada mais estvel. They found four trunks of them or stood and watched silently as the big red vehicle, belching a black cloud of exhaust as the answer: Toda fonte de alimentao eletroniac corrente contnua possui um bloco de retificao.

The maximum current handling capabilityon a worst case basis is limited by the actual zener voltage at the operating point and the pow-er derating curve.

Exemplo de disposio dos itens do painel frontal. For best regulation, keep current excursionsas low as possible.