Is it possible to print XLS, HTML, or RTF reports using Apache FOP? If not, is there another open source or free print server that will do this?. “JFOR, an open source XSL-FO to RTF converter has been integrated into Apache FOP. This will create an RTF (rich text format) document that will attempt to. FOP can render to PDF as well as SVG, PS, RTF. The result of rendering with default font. Mar 22, AM

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Deployment in older environments There are still a big number of older or limited MO: Currently, only and dpi are supported which should be enough for most use cases. Just clean up that browser support code! This feature may be useful when unwanted blank pages are experienced in your postscript output. Catherine Devlin on March 22, More information on that can be found on the page dedicated to the Intermediate Format. Be careful when using this option not to overwrite existing resource files from previous rendering runs.

Fkp note that it is good to see that after two years of apparent comatose existence, FOP has regained consciousness with this 0.

The textLPI is the vertical lines per inch to use. However, this apahce hasn’t been implemented, yet. However, the characterset definition is now required within the afp-font element. This is primarily for slides and creating svg images of pages.


Graphic elements lines, fkp, etc are assigned a apafhe priority than text, so text will overwrite any graphic element representations. But not all environments handle these colors correctly.

This is actually a pretty tough problem. When the color mode is set to 1 bit bi-levelthe “dithering-quality” attribute can be used to select the level of quality to use when converting images to bi-level images.

Still no column layout, still no sans-serif font types. One workaround is to use Adobe Acrobat the full version, not the Reader to process the file manually or with scripting that it supports.

A CID-keyed font Type 0, double-byte outline font configuration is much the same as an outline font. If a higher number of bits per pixel is configured, FOP has to switch to at least FS11 which may not work everywhere. The output formats in the sandbox are marked as such below. By default the AFP Renderer converts all images to alache bit grey level.

Re: RTF and PDF

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I also have Acrobat Writer 7 installed in it. Here are the necessary steps using the command-line: The include-page-segment extension element allows to define resource substitution for fo: The actual value will be rounded up to the next supported PCL resolution.

Apache FOP Output Formats

OpenJ9 uses least memory. Currently, two output formats are supported: Could anyone comment on that? Graphic elements lines, borders, etc apche assigned a lower priority than text, so text will overwrite any graphic element representations. If you want support for all border modes, set the value to “quality” as indicated above. Previously, the location of the font files was given by the “path” attribute.

Setting it to “true” will produce the PostScript file in two steps.

Converting Word documents to XSL-FO (and onwards to PDF) – AMIS Oracle and Java Blog

FO from Word by code and without open winword process??? The include-page-segment extension element can only occur within a simple-page-master.

This is primarily for testing and verification. Licensed under Apache License 2.