Anushasana Parva continues the theme of Shanti Parva, a discussion of duties of a ruler, the rule of law, instructions on dharma for those close to the leader. Here is an extract of Anushashan Parva.. Read and judge for yourself. SECTION “Yudhishthira said, ‘O thou of great puissance, tell me what that object. Yes, Bhishma does say that in chapter 88 of the Anushasana Parva of the Mahabharata: Listen to me, O Yudhishthira, what those Havis are.

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As it is incumbent on me to absolve myself from this blame, so it is my duty to see that no blame attaches to Mrityu. What ever question Yudhisthira will ask, you will be able to answer by My grace. He became the intimate student of Vashistha Muniand because of this, he is the veritable abode of the four Vedas and their branches. Do cows really exhale oxygen? There’s no such word as “Gayen” but 8th sloka has “Gavyena”.

Thus all the external activities of his senses at once stopped, and he prayed transcendentally to the controller of all living beings while quitting his material body. But He is moving amongst the descendants of King Vrishni just like one of us, and He is bewildering us with His self-created energy.

They offered obeisances unto the great sages present and unto their fallen grandfather.

Anushasana Parva – Wikipedia

The Personality of Godhead, who appears in the mind of the devotee by attentive devotion and meditation and by chanting of the holy name, releases the devotee from the bondage of fruitive activities at the time of his quitting the material body.

He also explained in divisions, acts of charity, the practical duties of a king and activities of salvation. With the aid of your vast intelligence, drive away the sorrow that sits in the heart of this first son of Pandu. The dialogue is between YudhishthiraBhishma and other sages. Debroy, innotes [7] that updated critical edition of Anushasana Parva, after removing verses and chapters generally accepted so far as spurious and inserted into the original, has 2 sub-books, adhyayas chapters and 6, shlokas verses.


He silently released the female pigeon from the cage. The bones of the horses, elephants and human beings lay piled up like mountains. This palace had a gateway that was made of solid gold. At the moment of death, let my ultimate attraction be to Sri Krishna, the Personality of Godhead. What more do you think?

Shanti Parva – Wikipedia

O Bhishma, I now grant you a benediction that you will not feel pain, hunger or thirst. Please, therefore, speak in detail on the duties of Kings and of duties of the other orders of life. Read and judge for yourself. Not only is the order of chapters different, large numbers of verses were missing, entirely different or somewhat inconsistent between the manuscripts.

O my Lord, You are the panacea for all sorrow.

Anushasana Parva

Karma is an aid to salvation, even as sons are, and Karma also is an indicator of virtue and vice in man. Iyer claims these chapters were smuggled into the Mahabharata, or the answers to question of Yudhishthira and other characters were entirely rewritten to suit local agenda or views.

O Krishna, will You not therefore speak to Yudhisthira to dispel his grief? Chapters and of the parva begin by reciting Anusjasana theory of varnaaccording to whom Brahmins were white, Kshatriyas red, Vaishyas yellow, and Shudras black.

Therefore, O hero, before leaving this body pacify the grieving son of Pandu, who is lamenting on account of the slaughter of his kinsmens.


Now like many verses in the Brahma Vaivarta Purana, some consider this verse to be an interpolation. You are the Lord of Pzrva and the foremost of all beings. You are the soul of all universes, and You are the support of this manifest parvw. Do we need to sacrifice a lot in love? Due to the benediction granted by You, I can behold the duties laid down by the Vedas and the Vedantas. Maharaja Yudhisthira then began to rule the kingdom under the direction of the twice born brahmanas.

At this time the Pandavas arrived at the field of Kurukshetra. Prva the flesh of vardhinasa, the satisfaction lasts for twelve years. The feedback you provide will help us show you more relevant content in the future.

So it may be allowed to sacrifice cow but if its avoidable with kheer as mentioned by Keshav Srinivasan we can do that instead of cow sacrifice. You are the Lord of the senses and are, therefore, known as Hrishikesha.

As he sat under a huge tree, he loudly called on all deities and creatures abode the tree to allow him shelter as he is their guest. Hearing the pure anushasaan by King Yudhisthira, Lord Krishna smiled. Why India was never allowed to eat meat from cow? Anushasqna urge one another, even as acts urge one another.

You have been born from Devaki and Vasudeva as fire is generated from two sticks. Also, if you want to discuss, please create xnushasana account and don’t write comments as answers.