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Only the brave one who does anursag can achieve the Beloved. He held that religion without bhakti [loving devotion for God] was no religion at all, and that asceticism, fasting and almsgiving had no value if unaccompanied by bhajan [meditation]. One who believes the words of the Masters, only he becomes the bhringi.

ठनुराग सागर: Anurag Sagar – Conversations of Kabir with Dhani Dharmadas

His fall, in other words, has already begun. Sat Purush’s curse on Niranjan “If you will devour one lakh jivas daily, one-and-one-quarter lakhs will be developed.

Please tell Sat Purush, folding your hands, this: In many ways he prayed, and then he contemplated the Light. Then Brahma came to his mother. There are many different stories of Kabir and of his effect on others, some of which are told wnuraag the Introduction to this book. The actual and the real is ever the same and is not subject to change. Znuraag the fall of Kal becomes inevitable at any one moment, this would seem to be it.

It has no trace of falsehood in it. I haven’t had my father’s darshan yet!


His desire is very fragrant. Because these aspects of Sat Purush are also presented as in- dividuals, we are, for the most part, leaving their Sanskrit names un- translated, as these names connote individuality where the English words do not. Pages from the book. I will spread sins and virtues, and any one who becomes entangled in them is ours.


The jubilation of Dharam Das: Once Ramananda was performing the ceremony in which they make many good foods and ssagar give it to the people, saying, “This is going wagar our fathers and forefathers, those who have died and who anurzag residing in the heavens.

Brahma didn’t take long to get there, as he desired his father’s darshan. His head is in the heavens and His feet lie in the world below.

It has been disputed, though, on the grounds that his teaching appears to be given entirely anuraag a Hindu frame of reference. Just as you have loved me, leaving your wealth, home and sons, In the same way, the disciples who will do this and, with determina- tion will attach their mind to Master’s Feet, And will manifest love within themselves for Anutaag Feet, sacri- ficing their body, mind and wealth on the Satguru— They will be most dear to me, and no one can ever stop them.

In his mind dwelt snuraag deter- mination to have his father’s darshan. If I tell him about Niranjan, how is he going to accept it? Recognizing Him, the soul goes to Him — and He ahuraag the soul to its origin. Matsya, Shesh Nag, Varah, and the pillars to support the earth came out, and in this way the creation of earth started. At the end of the cycle of four yugas, the lower universe dissolves pralayd and is withdrawn into the higher; all souls stuck in the three worlds experience a comatose state for as long as the three worlds remain latent— a period exactly equivalent to the period of manifestation, four yugas.

Keay, Kabir and His Followers does not mention Anurag Sagar at all, either in his list of Kabir’ s sayar works or in the Kabir-panth writings. Now, my Lord, tell me where the Plane of Immortality is. Without you, who will spread creation?


Dharam Das’ confession of gratefulness: Desire The “desire” that is, Will of God. He got to the sahar where there is no sun nor moon— it is only the Void there. Com- pare Matthew In that way he just went on spending his money, and even after he performed his XasX.


Then Sat Purush remembered what had happened to Kurma: What is the Essential Shabda? Death is ultimately both illusory and self-defeating.

And I will also let everyone that I know, at every opportunity, how great your business and service has been for me. O Brahma, your race will be very blemished! Charlotte Vaudeville, Kabir Vol. Note that Kal or Time is also one of the sons, “Time” anuraaag a part of the whole that only causes difficulties when separated from the rest.

These have nothing to do with the hundred or so elements of modern science. He should put his attention into Shabda and, keeping quiet, should drink the Nectar of Naam. How were the four kinds of created beings spread and how were the souls thrown in the hands of Kal? This is a far more realistic description, obviously of a society where sati was not forced.

The three worlds are: As mentioned above “Good and Bad” there is a higher level of “morality” taught by the Masters, which relates entirely to return to the Father and is based on Love, not fear. O Dharam Das, the disciple should receive the knowledge from the Master as the insect receives the sound from bhringi. Kal means “Time,” and since the devotion described implies the suspension of all his activity, for incalculable periods of “time,” it would appear that the practices done by Kal please Sat Purush because of their implications when done by him, rather than because standing on one foot has any particular objective merit.

Since the julahas were by definition Muslims, and since Kabir is an Islamic name it is actually Arabic and is found in the Koranhis Islamic faith would appear to be beyond dispute.