Addon (Erweiterungen) Liste · Erste Schritte Anleitung Speedport wv Typ A · Speedport wv FW Speedport (all). Most of the speedport routers. Hi All, I bought into the new 50MB/s DSL router package from t-com, and so far I’ ve not been able to setup port forwarding Since its all in.

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Now with this new speedport router, though I do get the speed it claims, the port forwarding is just not working! I did an nmap from outside work pc to my external ip and I could see ports 21,80 and open.

I would think that an nmap to external IP would run the port scan on the router from outside isn’t it? Call Customer service with your provider if you have enough Germanafter putting a supported OS on your computer doesn’t every with Linux run in a partition with some Microsoft OS? I tried disconnecting the dsl modem and keeping only the 2 pc’s 1 windows and 1 linux connected to the router, and the ssh between these two work whether or not port forwarding is configured, but funnily even if port forwarding is configured so as to not allow 1 pc to ssh to another Try running another service, like a http server.

Prev 1 2 Next Page 1 of 2. Though I hope that it doesn’t or else I’ll be really pissed. The filter function I believe is for wireless clients, and the Port forwarding section allows NAT to these clients. Just in case, some short briefs on what I’ve done so far: Yes, I’ve clicked on save Installed a ssh server on windows and tried it out. Sign In Sign Up. But what do you mean connecting to the modem directly? I have port 21 and accepting ftp and ssh on my local pc.


Cannot set up port forwarding on a speedport WV – Telecoms & TV – Toytown Germany

This new router just sucks! Its anleituung so strange and weird. You can’t even say no although you can replace it. Well, it is 1 way of testing sshing to my local pc from outside isn’t it? Register a new account. I’ve tried that, the results were a bit strange. And the firmware I’ve got, I think is the latest. It is standard to get routers from the ISP here. This xnleitung giving me a 50mbps on speed tests. I’ve forgotten what they were, but will post the results soon as I run nmap again.

Since its all in german I’m having a hard time figuring things out. I would ordinarily use google translate to help me with the hints on the router’s website but the hints keep changing as I move the mouse away from the object whose hint I want to translate and it is not easy for me to figure out how to do this.

Huawei Deutsche telekom Speedport W724V Typ A W723V Dsl Router

The same happens when I try to connect from outside via internet to my local linux pc for e. But How do I forward a port to a wired client? I’ve used google translate but in spite of doing what. If anyone possesses a speedport W V and has set up port forwarding weiterlietung I believe it is please can you let me know and if you could guide me through what I need to do on qnleitung router to atleast have it correctly configured?


If anyone possesses a speedport W V and has set up port forwarding weiterlietung I believe it is. Do you know if I use another router whether I would get the same speed? You need to be a member in order to leave a comment.

From the screenshot it looks like you’ve done the correct thing. Sorry for the delay in replying.

I bet it’s on their side they need to change your settingsbut they won’t do so while you run an unsupported OS, even though they could. Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. I’ll try it again soon as I get back home. I cannot understand the FilterFunktion section and the Nat Portregln-whatever section of my router.

No I haven’t done that yet.

– Official Homepage

When I do a Hinzufugen I cannot enter the MAC address of my eth0 card in there as it doesn’t accept the full hex address. I used to have a speedport older model, anleittung worked well.

The english translation for the router’s hint sections says something like “for security reason the firewall cannot be. Also, ssh -vvv -p