The latest Tweets from Andy Yosha (@AndyYosha): “Hey everone, I’m closing My genius coder just showed me the progress of the new forum. View Andy Yosha’s profile on LinkedIn, the world’s largest professional community. Andy has 1 job listed on their profile. See the complete profile on LinkedIn. PUA Training’s Daygame Blueprint reviews by real consumers and expert editors . See the good and bad of Andy Yosha, Tom Torero, Yad’s advice.

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There are five different modules included, with a number of lengthy videos in each, as well as a bonuses section. You get a number of bonuses included with this product. It’s amazing how simple the initial approach sounds but they break everything down very well.

Daygame Blueprint by Andy Yosha & Yad

No easy task, which is why the event went for a full three days. They show you exactly how to approach a woman and capture dqygame attention while she walks down the street to do whatever it is she’s doing. Yad has another infield footage clip here where he breaks down what he’s doing when talking to two girls. Mildly annoying, but can’t really be helped.

You have to stop her. Why don’t they clean up the audio in a program like Audacity or something?

Reviewed by Jackson Hunter Last Update: Nevertheless, it is not that easy for everyone to woo the hottest girls in the town. It will not appear anywhere. This is the reason why a lot of guys prefer to seek some help from pick up artists.

Feedback If you have a question or problem, ask us: Buy from Product Owner. The idea behind this is that it’s more solid and cements you more in the girl’s mind rather than just exchanging phone numbers. The Language of Lust.

The Summer of Daygame (Part One)

The goal was simple: Don’t get me wrong, I’m still a beginner at this stuff yksha I’ve still got a LOT to learn in both areas, but I was VERY happy with my purchase of this product as they break everything down for beginners to advanced experience levels.


Very detailed product that covers everything you could want to know about meeting women during the daytime. Well, almost everybody does.

The Bottom Line This is a solid product for guys who want a straightforward method for meeting women during the daytime. Guest Speakers There are a few guest speakers throughout yisha course, with a lot of interesting ideas to share, including a discussion on how to build happiness and supercharge your self-esteem.

Is the content effective? Product Information Day Game Blueprint is a training program for men who went to meet women any time of the day any place. Yosha was an excellent speaker, but a few times might’ve stepped on Yad’s toes. After someone was finished with his question, RJ would say, “His question is Some of the questions called out by audience members can’t be heard in some instances when they aren’t given a microphone. Andy used his communication skills and even his personal experience to teach students how to woo girls on the streets of London by using direct, sincere, and authentic approach.

The intro and outro music is MUCH louder than the audio of the seminar. The best part is that in Day Game it is best to throw a straight up compliment at her about something in particular whereas, at a bar or night club The actual seminar involved scheduled breaks for all of the attendees to go out into the streets and put into practice what they were learning by doing real approaches.

Help other users find the most helpful reviews Was this review helpful to you? They also show the contrast of new students that didn’t do so well and show why it DIDN’T work for them at that time. There’s some good advice here for guys who want to become better at approaching women in a variety of situations. Others Maker Her Wild: Enter your review’s title Enter a title for the review that summarizes your opinion.


Ease of Implementation Is it practical? However, it is important to mention that PUATraining is a company that helps people to achieve their dating dreams. It nearly gave me a heart attack every time each segment ended, because of the blaring volume of the music. Andy Yosha guy comes over like a wet blanket. It’s not complicated or overwhelming like Ross Jeffries stuff or Mystery’s stuff.

The method is simple. Only problem is sometimes, your can’t hear what the audience is saying and one of the infield is hard to hear.

Andy Yosha – Dating Coach

Value for Money Is the product worth the price paid for it? On top of that there are interviews with David Wygant and Scot McKayas well as a book on effective body language for daygame by Rob Brinded. It also would have been great to see some in-field footage from anyone else other than Yad, just to show some different styles. Secrets of 5 Minute Chemistry. One of these is a two-part video from a daygame bootcamp run by a different company based in Australia.

Because there’s no alcohol and loud music involved, no friends to distract her, and a thousand other variables anry might find at night, there’s more of a focus on being genuine and developing a connection with women.

Because there is so much detail here, there is nothing that is left out. There are 5 modules in the Daygame Blueprint with each module corresponding to each phase of the blueprint. Meaning, Yad doesn’t do anything really ysha that any other guy couldn’t do to get the same results. If you did that, your infield videos would be better than anyone else’s.