A single touch of their hands, a soft brush of their lips will mean death for Damen – cast into the darkness of the Shadowland. But as she seeks to break the curse. Shadowland is the third book of the Immortals series by Alyson Noel. It was released on November 17, With Damen and Ever not being able to exchange. The Immortals is a sequence of novels written by Alyson Noël, focusing on psychics and Evermore (February 3, ); Blue Moon (July 7, ); Shadowland (November 17, ); Dark flame (June 22, ); Night Star ( November

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She’s so shadowlad that her friends are barely on her radar. Read Maggie Stiefvater’s books, at least her female leads aren’t dumb as rocks. Damen removes himself from the situation while she figures things out and in the meantime, she accidentally aligns herself with Roman when he poisons noek best friend, Haven, and Ever must decide whether to save Haven by making her immortal or letting her die but getting the antidote that they need.

Ever was not as annoying as she was in the previous book, Blue Moon.

Shadowland – Paranormal Book Summaries

So she casts a spell to make Roman give her the antidote. She goes to Ava’s old house and finds that the twins, Romy and Rayne, have been stuck in the real world since Damen got the tainted antidote.

It seems like every time I turned the page, one of them was sending a red tulip as an apology. Ever and Damen talk about art and Damen explains to Ever about constantly moving and watching friends die.


Ever can’t figure it out. Back home, Ever’s aunt, Sabine, wants her to get a job, and there is joel internship opening at her firm. She is reluctant, but seems to agree. I got neither an interesting plot or interesting characters in this book.

Damen tells her that Roman is a liar and can’t be trusted. Dec 28, Megan rated it it was ok. I just can’t with this series anymore to be honest Dec 05, Gelo Salinio rated it liked it Shelves: Which is what I wish I had done with these audiobooks! I have no words for Ever, she annoys me tremendously in this book. All she cares about is hooking up with Damen. Mind you it was never completed, and it wasn’t an assignment that I had a,yson turn in, which yo Back in the day, when I was but a wee twelve-year-old, my teacher told me to review the last book I read.

Roman showed up and then took Haven away with him. Ever starts her first day. I just find myself being frustrated more than finding actual enjoyment from the book. My favorite was the time she shsdowland to Roman and he blackmailed her saying he’d tell Damen. Ever told the teacher, Munoz, about her powers, and now she’s afraid that her Sabine will find out.

It seems fragmented and out of place. Crazy for Young A Later that night, Ever has a nightmare and goes for a run.

No one can call Ever out on her shit and have her listen. Ultimately, she decides to save Haven and make her immortal another example to prove how much Ever supposedly “loves” her friends.

There is no need to copy.

Shadowland (novel) | The Immortals Series Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

Ever does stupid things. The go and as the twins are looking at the book, Jude shows up. Romy and Rayne, who are far more experienced, tell Ever that she’s made a huge mistake. If your boyfriend trying to be more responsible is that much of a problem, he should dump your ass.


She takes them to Damen’s house and he becomes like a parent to them. Roman has the potential to be a decent bad guy, but doesn’t seem to be around often enough for it.

I’m sorry, but what cure are you talking about? Somewhere along she also ditches not only her friends but also her common sense because she trusts the freaking bad guy of the book instead of the good guys, and as a result dooms both her and Damen’s feature under the sheets forever.

Preview — Shadowland by Alyson Noel. The story becomes even more ridiculous. She goes to work where Jude tells her that he has been seeing Riley. She spends a good bit of time complaining because Damen isn’t manifesting material things anymore and dressing nicely.

Damen is still a flat, boring character. I hated the whole thing with Roman and Drina, seriously.

Shadowland (novel)

Valborg is a holiday-type-thingy in Shadowlwnd where we basically light huge ass fires to welcome spring and I’m going to throw it into one of the fires I’m going to. Damen decides to put their relationship on hold for the summer so Ever can decide if she wants to be with Jude instead.

My writing teacher said that we should care about the characters, and I don’t care about Ever.